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Engineering Practice Assignment

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Added on  2020-05-16

Engineering Practice Assignment

   Added on 2020-05-16

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Running head: ENGINEERING PRACTICEEngineering PracticeName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note:
Engineering Practice Assignment_1
1ENGINEERING PRACTICE1. Leading or Participating collaboratively in a teama. As you have read through the textbook and worked on the project this term, in what newways do you now see collaboration? What skills are easy for you? (You may want to usesome examples, e.g., you might have captained a sporting team.) What skills do you nowrealise you are still developing? How important have you found collaboration in your teamproject? What's worked well for you? What has been frustrating?Answer: After reading the book of “The Making of an Expert Engineer” by James P.Trevelyan, I have understood that any project can be successful when it is completedcollaboratively in a team. I have known that any difficult work can become extremely easier,when it is being executed in a team collaboratively (Trevelyan 2014). Before reading thebook, I had a vague idea regarding collaboration; however, after reading the book, I havegathered the intense knowledge about collaborative work. There are four specific skills in collaboration, which are sharing, trust, respect andbelonging (Trevelyan 2015). When I was in school, I was once appointed as the schoolcaptain. At that time, I understood that I had the collaborative skills of trust and respect. Myfellow classmates trusted me and all my juniors showed respect. In my present day, I realisethat I am still developing the collaborative skill of sharing (Costa, Passos and Bakker 2014).Previously, I did not have this skill. I have realized that collaboration is extremely important for any project team as ithelps in the perfect execution of the project by incorporating the ideas of all the teammembers (Galegher, Kraut and Egido 2014). This particular characteristic of incorporation ofvarious ideas has worked extremely well for my project. The only drawback of collaborativework I feel is that due to several brainstorming sessions amongst the team members, oftenclashes take place in the team.
Engineering Practice Assignment_2
2ENGINEERING PRACTICEb. Write briefly about a situation where you have had to instruct someone. This might be inthe workplace or on a sporting team or another situation. How easy was that process?What were the difficulties?Answer: I feel that leading or instruction someone in a situation is the most vital feature of aleader or an instructor. When I in school, I was once appointed as the school captain(Northouse 2015). Being the captain of the school, it was my responsibility to guide all myclassmates and juniors to the correct path. On one such fine day, a new boy joined our school.As it was his first day, he was extremely nervous. I was given the responsibility to instruct orguide him to his classroom. Since, I was getting late for my class, I showed him the way tohis classroom and started to walk towards my class. However, due to his nervousness, heagain came back to me and requested me to guide him again (Kearns et al. 2015). I had towalk with him to his classroom and due to this; I was late for my class. This entire process ofinstruction was not at all easy and I had to lose my precious time.2. Demonstration of critical self review, self-management and lifelong learning.a. Summarise key changes that you believe you would need to make to your workbehaviours to be a more effective engineer in your country or in another country whereyou might be doing engineering.Answer: I believe that there are various important changes, that are required for making mywork behaviour extremely effective. I am pursuing engineering in Australia and I haveunderstood that the work behaviour of an effective engineer should not change according tohis or her location (Trevelyan, J., 2014). The key changes that I feel are required for my workbehaviour are as follows:
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