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Impact of Software Engineering on Survey and Geomatics

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Added on  2023-01-16

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This article explores the impact of software engineering on survey and geomatics. It discusses the purpose of survey software and its use in various fields. It also covers the end users and personnel involved, equipment used, specifications and regulations, and data capture and management.

Impact of Software Engineering on Survey and Geomatics

   Added on 2023-01-16

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Impact of Software Engineering on Survey and Geomatics_1
There has been an obvious great impact of software engineering as well as use of
computers on the improvement of technology1. The impacts of the computers in regards
to their capabilities of successful analysis can effectively contribute to the
interconnection within discrete fields.
Civil Engineering Survey Software
Purpose as related to the engineering profession
Survey software refers to an application platform which is used in the collection of
feedback that may be from a targeted sample by the use of a computer-assisted
method. The collection may be obtained by means of different ways. At the core,
computer software assists in the design, sending and analysis of the surveys usually by
the use of the internet. This goes along with the use of the drag and drop tools whose
functions are automated.
The survey software usually makes the entire process faster, easier and more accurate
to accomplish as opposed to the manual survey platforms. The use of survey software
can be in different ways including customer feedback, post event analysis, employee
satisfaction, research of the market and finally an assessment of the academic
programs2. In general, the software of the survey assists in the feedback analysis for
one to take the right action in regard to the problem at hand.
End users and personnel involved
Survey software is used by the surveyors who are already professionals in the field.
When the software is used, the professionals can calculate how well the process of the
1 Ahmed, F., Capretz, L.F., Bouktif, S., and Campbell, P., 2015. Soft skills and software development: A reflection from the software industry.
arXiv preprint arXiv:1507.06873.
2 Carvalho, M.M.D. and Rabechini Junior, R., 2015. Impact of risk management on project performance: the importance of soft
skills. International Journal of Production Research, 53(2), pp.321-340
Impact of Software Engineering on Survey and Geomatics_2
surrey will fare on. In such cases, there is an analysis of veracious metrics including the
specific length of the questionnaire, the establishment of the relevance of the
questionnaire and finally evaluation of the history of the results of the survey. In case of
the existence of the more established solutions in the processes of survey, provision of
the knowledge base of the finest practices in the business will be enhanced.
Students aspiring to be surveyors and the survey professionals use the surveyor
software as a means of centralized data collection3. This kind of software makes the
collection of data more systematic through ensuring that all the feedback are kept in just
one database. This allows the surveyors to have processes that are in- real- time
immediately the answers are provided by the respondents.
Equipment used in the survey
The equipment that is used in the survey software will be dependent on the type of task
that is to be carried out. In the case of the survey builder, a drag-and-drop interface, as
well as relevant tools, will be used in the design and layout, preview, question morphing,
and versioning. This implies that the builder will create the front-end look as well as the
function of the survey although this must rely on the other features and conditions in
setting the behavior of the survey. The software tools like looping dynamics are used to
randomize or show the questions4. The maintenance of the survey software involves
inspections that are regularly done in order to detect and prevent any possible failure
before its occurrence and this can be achieved by the use of MEX.
Specifications, regulations, datum, standards among other characteristics
The use of the survey software usually comes into effect after certain standards have
been met. Good software for the survey must meet the flexibility standards which allow
one to effectively design though in different ways. The design may be based on the path
3 Dingsøyr, T., Røyrvik, E. and D array, H.K., 2019. Practical knowledge management tool uses in a software consulting company. arXiv
preprint arXiv:1903.01889
4 Doerflinger, J. and Dearden, A., 2013. Evolving a software development methodology for commercial ICTD projects. Information Technology
and International Development, 9(3), pp.43-60.
Impact of Software Engineering on Survey and Geomatics_3

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