Engineering Fundamentals - Assignment

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Summary StatementAltaf Gohar
ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGISTSummary StatementCompetency ElementA brief summary of how youhave applied the elementParagraph in thecareer episode(s)where the element isaddressedET1 KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL BASEET1.1 Systematic, theory-basedunderstanding of the underpinningnatural and physical sciences andthe engineering fundamentalsapplicable to the technologydomain1. The project report was based ondelivering high-quality beddingfabric to Sindh Medical Centerlocated in Nawabshah, SindhPakistan.2. This project report was based ondelivering best quality schooluniform fabric toQuaid-e-AwamPublic School located inHyderabad, Sindh Pakistan.Career Episode 1: CE1.2.1, CE 1.2.2 andCE 1.3.3Career Episode 2: CE2.2.1, CE 2.2.2 andCE 2.3.3
3. This project report was based ontesting the quality of denim fabricand delivering it to Unnar CottonFactory located in Hyderabad,Sindh Pakistan.Career Episode 3: CE3.2.1, CE 3.2.2 andCE 3.3.3ET1.2 Conceptual understandingof the mathematics, numericalanalysis, statistics and computerand information sciences whichunderpin the technology domain1. I have applied my textile testingskills for conducting quality testson Advanced Fiber InformationSystem for lea strength and napcount. ASTM standards wereunderstood and followed forperforming Strip Test.2. I have carried out Qualityinspections onAcceptable QualityLimit or AQL basis. StandardOperating Procedures, ClientProtocols and Inspection FieldInstructions were well understoodand followed for reporting theactual findings of qualityCareer Episode 1: CE1.3, CE 1.3.1, CE1.3.2, 1.3.3 and 1.3.4Career Episode 2: CE2.3.1, CE 2.3.2 andCE 2.3.3
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