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Assignment: Engineering Management

Added on - 13 Sep 2021

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Author note:
Good interpersonal skills and ability to work within a multi-disciplined team environment,
engage stake holders and work collboratively:
Situation: I had been assigned a project in my final year of engineering wherein I had to design a
robot that would be capable of powering on/off the different home appliances such as the
television, lights etc. I had to work in a group of ten members each of whom had been assigned
separate parts of the project and I was the team leader in that project.
Task: The task that I was assigned as a part of the project was to develop the initial basic idea
and the technology that would be used in order to successfully design the robot. I had to make
sure that team members works in cooperation and harmony and stakeholders were well informed
about the project outcome and expected time and costs.
Action (A): I had done extensive research on the given topics and had studied the preexisting
projects that were kept in the college laboratory. I had ensures that the team was properly divided
into segments to carry out specific tasks and had always maintained a transparency in any
information communication within the team. I had kept the professors as well informed and
updated about the progress of the project at all points of time.
Result (R): I had been successful in gaining the trust of the team members and make them work
in harmony and coordination with each other.
Ability to plan prioritize and organize work to ensure predetermined deadlines are met:
Situation: In the final phase of the project completion, I was given a pre-assigned deadline to
submit the final project to the professor. I had to ensure all the other team members had
submitted their bit of work so that I could collate all their contribution into the final project and
submit it to the professor.
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