English 102/Hurley/The Detective.

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English 102/Hurley/The DetectiveRESEARCH PAPER DIRECTIONSYour research paper will explore—using academic research--a specific academicsubtopic within the detective fiction/film genre.You will write a well-developed,argumentative, evaluative, research paper of10-12 pages(not including works cited,title, and notes).You may begin with ageneral perspective:Detective Types:The Amateur Detective,the Private Investigator,the PoliceHistorical Perspective:Formative Years (1840s –WWI): From Poe to Conan DoyleThe British Puzzle (heyday between WWI and WWII): Queens of Crime (AgathaChristie, Dorothy Sayers, etc.)The Hard-Boiled Sleuth (between WWI and WWII and beyond): Hammett,Chandler, Spillane, BlackMask Magazine, etc.New Directions (1980s +):Feminization of the Private InvestigatorFrom PI to Police officerGlobalization of the PIEmphasis on the criminal worldThe Detective in Film:Film Noir, British Whodunits, Police Procedurals, etc.Or you may start with a morespecific perspective:Detectives and moral orderDetectives and the continuation of evilHow ethnicity affects detective genre conventionsThe influence of film on detective literatureIssues of class, gender, and race within the detective genreThe evolution of film noir and the detective storyHistorical perspective on the private detectiveWar and the private detectiveSexism/racism within the genreThe counter-culture private detectiveDon’t feel compelled to choose a perspective from these lists. You are free to come up withyour own topic. Understand, however, that whatevertopic you choose, the essay mustoffer a compelling argument on the topic—not just a summary of information.Your papershould bethesis drivenand should offer something new about the topic.Working it out:
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