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SWOT Analysis of Apple Inc : Report

Added on - 23 Jul 2020

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SWOT ANAYLSISSWOT analysis is very important of every organization to identifying the internalstrength and weakness of the company. SWOT is process of planning that used to identify itsexternal opportunities and threats related to the business. SWOT analysis is the part ofidentifying the correspond elements to analysis and its relation to specific actions.(Tar, 2013). Byusing the term of SWOT analysis a company can improve the situation and reduce theuncertainty and uncertainty It help to improving the performance of the business and help toidentifying the actual needs of the enterprise(Abraham ,2013). The important part of theSWOT analysis helps to improve the viability of the business and reduce the risk .SWOT ANAYLSIS OF APPLE INC.Apple Inc. an a multinational corporations which designs manufacturing and sellscomputers,electronics and softer ware and Apple most famous and successfully sells iPhonesalso.Strength:Apple Inc. company has to be adequate increase brand awareness and it create a strongdemand of its products (Abraham, 2013). Company has strong and large scale of USdistribution channels .It is more stages of production or type of vertical integration is alwaysaware about brand and company 's reputation . And its financial performance is also very strong.Weakness :Apple Inc. only depend on iPhone sales rather than other its product . Its distributionchannel is also week in some countries and its expenditure is very low(Wonglimpiyarat , 2012). Comparatively other company is more then lead to fever of innovation and introduced a newproduct in the marketOpportunities:Company has many opportunities like as health related gadgets introduced to the marketbecause there is a trend in the market wear health related gadgets . so that why company hasintroduced its own rage of wearable health related gadgets. Expanding mobile business all overthe world and making a new applications and developing a technology day by day. (Lindstrom,2006). The main opportunities is more expected to grow a IOT (internet of things) market. Applehas a different position in the market .Threats:
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