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Part A
Australia and Asia had an earlier relationship which was unstable in nature. However,
the relationship between both the countries started repairing after the war and they have been
able to maintain both cultural as well as political engagement with each other. Globalisation
has also contributed to the formation of this relationship. The most important program that
had been initiated to strengthen the engagement between Asia and Australia is the National
Asian Languages Study in Australian schools program which is also known as NALSAS
(Pietsch, J., & Aarons, 2013). Australia was also accepting a large number of immigrants
from the country of Asia which helped in further solidifying the relationship between the
countries. However, there have been many resistance on the part of the public of Asia about
Australia being a part of the country of Asia as it had strong ties with Britain and the United
States. This has caused many public resistance as well and the country had to face immense
criticisms. Gradually, the countries have been able to build strong bonds which also
contributed a growth in the corporate relationships. Australia and Asia have also been
influenced by each other's culture which has been quite visible in the people of the countries.
Part B
Indonesia has the potential to become the fourth largest country in the world by the
year 2050 and the fifth largest economy in the world by the year 2040. Australia could have
their hopes on Indonesia and could be very important for them since Indonesia is growing at a
rapid rate. However, seeing today's condition it might not seem like the country has the
potential for growth in the near future. Indonesia has always been a liability for Australia and
the country has never seen Indonesia as a threat of any kind. Indonesia has always been a
protective shield for Australia and stopped any approaches of the countries in the northern
part (White, 2018). Therefore, Indonesia is the only country who has the potential to threat
and save Australia at the same time. The proximity of the two countries would naturally mean
that their interest would align with each other but not at all times. Therefore, the growing
power in Indonesia could be a good and bad factor for Australia depending on the relation
that the closeness have formed between the two countries. This can make Indonesia an ally of
Australia which could be beneficial for the country in their future.
Part C
Australia and Japan has a strong partnership which continued for a long time and is
still existent. The common ally between the two countries is the United States. The
relationship between both the countries was forged due to their economic compatibility and
engagement. The relationship was further deepened when the Economic Partnership
Agreement in the year 2014 which forged a strong relationship between Canberra and Tokyo.
However, despite the strong ally. Both the countries faced a shot back in the high-level
security front. The security ties between the countries were limited due to the proper
strategically formation of security that would be helpful for both the countries. The first step
towards the security relationship began when the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and the
Japan Self-Defence Force (JSDF) came to work together to form a framework in a
multilateral level which would help in disaster relief operations and peacekeeping all over the
world (Jacobs, 2017). This initiative of both the countries helped in taking strong steps in the
formation of security relationships which later on contributed to the formation of a strong
bond in every aspect between the two countries. Even though there were a few setbacks in the
security relationships of Japan and Australia, however, they were short-term and the countries
were able to solve the issue.
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