English Assignments

Compose a discussion post on the topic of persuasion and analyze the persuasive strategies used in David Zinczenko's essay 'Don't Blame the Eater'.

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This document discusses various topics related to English assignments. It covers the definition and importance of persuasion, Zinczenko's argument on academic writing, the use of 'I' in articles, and the sentence structure in the article 'Don't Blame the Eater'.

English Assignments

Compose a discussion post on the topic of persuasion and analyze the persuasive strategies used in David Zinczenko's essay 'Don't Blame the Eater'.

   Added on 2022-12-15

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English assignments
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Part 1
I think persuasion means an attempt of changing or influencing someone’s attitude,
belief, behavior or idea. It can be done by use of the written document, use of sign language or
spoken words. In my opinion, talking and thinking about persuasion is important because it is
required in the decision-making process to prove your points. Besides, it is essential in directing
people to the right idea or better situation than they were before. For instance, Yesterday I came
across the following statement in our group work discussion instructions, “Better choose the
topic provided by the professor than choosing your points even if it’s optional” I thought this is
statement is persuasive because already some member had started disagreeing with the
Part 2
1. What is Zinczenko's basic argument? Do you find it persuasive?
The Zinczenko's basic argument on move that matter in academic writing tries to
persuade the reader on what should be focused to succeed as a writer in college (Zinczenko,
2012). Zinczenko argues that it’s not necessary to limit one's language to formal but standard
language and use Standard English. Yes, I find it a persuasive argument because he tries to
influence writers on what to do to be the best college writer.
English Assignments_2
2. Who exactly is Zinczenko arguing against? Why does it matter if we know who and
what his argument is taking a clear position against?
Zinczenko is arguing against the college writers on how they should do to be the best. It
matters when we know who Zinczenko is addressing because by so doing, we understand the
main idea of his argument. His argument is taking a clear position on what college writers should
do to improve their quality.
3. What are some of the specific strategies used by Zinczenko to persuade us?
To persuade us, he specified his argument on three main things to focus on that is
sentence pattern, vocabularies, and language to be used.
Part 3
Which of these articles use a direct reference to "I?" Is there one that does not?
Don't Blame the Eater; Hidden Intellectualism uses the direct reference to “I” (Graff,
2011). “Everything That Rises Must Converge, Rise of the Machines' Is Not A Likely Future”
(Hoff & Rogge, 2016). "The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness”
articles does not use the direct reference “I” (Alexander, 2012).
Are there any sections of the articles which do not directly use "I" and still manage
to evoke a sense of a personal voice?
The article “Don't Blame the Eater” has some section that does not use “I” but instead it
uses “they” to evoke the personal sound.
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