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Running Head: ENGLISH ESSAYEnglish essayName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1ENGLISH ESSAYINTRODUCTIONLife is brimming with triumphs and exertions, crests and troughs, and enormous energyshifts. It must be noted that this is exactly how life is, and adversity or misfortune is aninseparable part of the experience named ‘life’. Adversity is a phase of life that majority of thehumankind would like to skip (Jenkins, Madigan & Arseneault, 2015). Nevertheless, adversityneed not always be a negative experience; properly managing adversity is likely to appear as ablessing in disguise, providing positive and beneficial knowledge that might further promptgigantic maturity and development (Ryff, 2014). The hindrances occur because most of thepeople fail to deal with adversities in a positive manner. The present piece provides illustrations,which evinces the fact that adversity gives people chances to take in some intense lessons thatare likely to enable them to enhance their lives and conditions pushing ahead.Breaking Through Uncertainty—Welcoming Adversity1We all question our ability at times. Uncertainty plagues us. It is even more intense if theability we are questioning relates to something we have never tried or not succeeded at in thepast.2Setbacks are common, but we rarely welcome them. We are inclined to respond negatively toadversity. It may be time to revisit that reflexive response.3I had an experience recently that caused me to reconsider whether a negative response toadversity is always justified when I was confronted with a life-threatening situation.4It was mid-morning on a warm and pleasant Saturday. I was in the midst of my first skydive ofthe day. It was my 2123jump since having taken up the sport fifteen years ago.
2ENGLISH ESSAY5After about one minute of freefall and5000 feetabove the ground, I parted ways with my fellow jumpers to get far enough away fromthem to open my parachute safely. I initiated opening around 3000 feet above the earth.6My parachute opened with some twists in the lines between the parachute and me. This is notthat uncommon. What was different this time was that I was not able to clear the twists.7The twists in the lines caused my parachute to take on an asymmetrical shape. Receivingasymmetrical inputs, the canopy did what it is
3ENGLISH ESSAYfeet: 1 foot =approximately 0.3 metrePage 6by Jim McCormickdesigned to do and initiated a turn—that’s how it’s steered. The problem occurred when the turnquickly became a rapid, diving downward spiral that was spinning me a full 360 degrees aboutonce every second. This was a problem.8I looked up to assess my canopy and saw something I don’t often see—the horizon clearlyvisible ABOVE the trailing edge of my canopy. This meant my canopy and I were now onroughly the same horizontal plane. In that I could see the horizon behind it, I was actually abovemy parachute and it was leading our fast spinning parade rapidly towards mother earth.
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