English for Academic Purposes EAPA3004

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English for Academic Purposes 1 (EAP 1) Portfolio (EAPA3004)Name: Student Number:Tutor name:This is your EAP 1 Portfolio. Please save a copy on your computer and back it upregularly (e.g. by saving it on your computer / in the cloud (e.g. Google Drive) /emailing it to yourself. You will receive a printed copy which you should bring to alllectures and tutorials. However, at the end of the course, you need to submit acompleted electronic copy. Please refer to suggested word counts for each taskincluded within this portfolio. Assessed Learning Outcomes (LOs):1.Produce cohesive and coherent elements of academic writing.2.Read, compare and summarise written academic texts.WeekContentsPageLearningOutcomeSection 1: PortfolioEvidence(These tasks will often
be drafted in class andare designed to inform the written task in section 2. Suggested word counts are included are in brackets.)version 1.0 2
1Portfolio evidence I: Self-evaluation checklist3LO 1 & 24Portfolio evidence II: Summarising(recommended word count: 100)4LO 1 & 24-5Portfolio evidence III: Outline(recommended word count: 100)6LO 26Portfolio evidence IV: Paragraph structure(recommended word count: 250)7LO 29Portfolio evidence V: Self-assessment(recommended word count: at least 100)8LO 1 & 2Section 2: Written Task(The written task should be developed throughout the semester but completed in weeks 7-10.)1 - 10Academic writing [compare and contrast essay relevant to higher education](word count: 750 words)10LO 1 & 2Total word count: Written Task (750 words) + Evidence (Approx. 850 words)(+/- 10%)Section 1: Portfolio Evidence ISelf-evaluation checklistversion 1.0 3
Below is a list of the skills you will need when working on extended pieces of writing duringyour university career. The work you do on the EAP 1 course will help you develop theseskills. Tick the appropriate box for each skill, according to how well you think you can do this atthe beginning of this course. Look again at the checklist throughout the course in order toidentify areas for independent study.SkillsDo notknow aboutthisFind thisdifficult/can’t do thisCan partiallydo thisCan do thiswellLooking for informationIdentify which books/journals/websites to useSelect relevant parts of a textUsing sourcesAcknowledge sources of informationAvoid plagiarismPlanning/ writingBrainstorm ideasPlan written workLink ideas effectivelyParaphrase & summarise ideasWrite an introductionWrite a conclusionPersonal studyWork independentlyManage my timeOral presentationDiscuss written work in a tutorialITAccess the internetUse search enginesCreate word documentsversion 1.0 4

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