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Added on - 19 Nov 2021

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English Language
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Homelessness is a state of inhabiting on earth when someone will not have permanent
dwelling place like the houses or the apartments. As home is believed to be the safest and most
secure place for living it would have several implications if a person is rendered to be homeless
(Marshall & Hadland, 2012)..It can surely be held as a crisis in the world as the people would not
have a permanent and safe place to lead a regular life. The purpose of the essay is to discuss
about the two causes for the homelessness in Australia and their impacts on the society. This
essay aims to discuss about the seriousness of homelessness in Australia.
The first cause for homelessness
The primary reason for the homelessness in Australia can be taken as poverty. The
growing rates of unemployment have led to unemployment in Australia (Chamberlain &
Johnson, 2013). This has become an epidemic since most young people are unable to find the
proper jobs for their betterment in their lives. This leads them to lose their homes as they are
unable to pay their rents. Most times it has also happened that the people are unable to afford the
proper housing expenses because of the inflation (Marshall & Hadland, 2012). If people are
unemployed, they will not be able to afford the money. This will be widely needed to lead a
standard lifestyle in the current times. The Government has also not provided any amount of
money or housing projects so they can live in the houses comfortably. The high rates of
household facilities have also been seen as a reason for the homelessness among some sections
of the Australian people (Fantuzzo et al., 2012).
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