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OH Lebanon

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Added on  2022-11-25

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In this collection of stories, Evelyn Shakir explores the struggles and experiences of Lebanese women in America. From the challenges of cultural identity to the impact of societal perceptions, these stories offer a glimpse into the lives of Lebanese women and their journey in a new country. This collection also delves into the themes of identity, belonging, and the complexities of cultural assimilation.

OH Lebanon

   Added on 2022-11-25

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OH Lebanon
Evelyn Shakir
Shakir, E., 2015. Remember Me to Lebanon: Stories of Lebanese Women in America.
Syracuse University Press.
In the story, the writer has rightly made an identification of the girl character who has been
sent to Anglicans by her father and step other while her siblings has been going to French
Nun schools. This has been reflecting the initial and the childhood struggle or the reason for
her mind set and decisions that she took at her younger age.
Norman, R., 2018. Eating the Matriarch: Locating Identity in the Arab American Female
Body. Amerasia Journal, 44(1), pp.128-144.
The character of the girl also gets reflected on the incident of the Lebanese and Arab in the
restaurant where she is reflected no be ashamed or guilty for belonging to Arab where at the
same time her partner in the restaurant was commenting that she should not say that she
belongs to Arab.
El Deek Hosry, M., 2017. Interrogations into Female Identity in Arab American
literature (Doctoral dissertation, Paris 4).
The American perspective on the Arabians has been rightly proclaimed and it states the
positivity as well as the negative aspects that the Americans hold about them.
Eileen Chang, Sealed Off
Sandberg, E., 2018. Eileen Chang's" Sealed Off" and the Possibility of Modernist
Romance. ARIEL: A Review of International English Literature, 49(2), pp.233-256.
The writer has rightly stated the state of the tramcar and the importance of the tramcar in the
people’s life and how it impacts the day to day life of the people. The importance could be
acknowledged through the description provided about the rush that people make in order to
get in the tramcar and this also reflects the impact that it makes on people.
Weng, L., 2018. Modernity in a Wartime Tramcar: Temporal Contestations and Individual
Subjectivity in Eileen Chang's" Sealed Off". The Comparatist, 42(1), pp.286-303.
The description of the tramcar scenario where the beggar has been singing “No money do I
have”, has been commented on by an officer that the beggar doesn’t have manners, which
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