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Engr 103 SFSU Fall 2016A. Tabrizi School of Engineering All Sections Assignment NO 4Write a C program to read in a 2-dimestional arrays and store this array in ARY whose dimensions M and N are read in.A)Write a function called COPYR that will copy all the elements of the given double array ARY row by row to a single array called VCTR B)Write a function called COPYC that will copy all the elements of the Given double array ARY column by column to a single array called VCTCC) Write a function called POLYNOMIAL that will calculate all the elements of the double array ARY one by one with the given polynomial function called POLY. You will store the new doublearray values to CALCULATED double arrays.POLY(X) = 2X3 + 5X2 + 3Sin(X) – 4COS(X)The double array ARY given as: 2.1 3.5 1.1 5.5 ARY = 0.5 3.5 4.6 0.75 5.3 0.95 0.3 1.2 Note:a)Draw the flow chart.b)Display the given matrix and calculated matrix and arrays with a proper formatting. Extra Credit1)for extra credit, use external file(s) to input all the given data.2)Not only you display the interactive output (Part b), your output should be copied to an external file.3)Display all the external file(s).

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