Enisa Big Data Infrastructure Assignment

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Running head: ENISA BIG DATA INFRASTRUCTUREENISA Big Data InfrastructureName of Student-Name of University-Student ID-Author Note-
1ENISA BIG DATA INFRASTRUCTUREIntroductionThe agency that gives the security that is related to the cyber space in Europe’sorganizations is known as European Union Agency for Network and Information Security.European Union Agency for Network and Information Security is better known as ENISA. Thesecurity related to cyber space is known as Network and Information Security (NIS). The NISsecurity is provided by the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security(ENISA). The security of Network and Information Security is carried out that is related todevelop and promote the culture of security (Silva, Rocha & Guimaraes, 2016). To makeNetwork and Information Security a level up, the European Union Agency for Network andInformation Security was set up in the year 2004 in European Union. A developed process ofNetwork and Information Security for the market to function properly European Union Agencyfor Network and Information Security was implied.The agency of ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security)was introduced to give advice and the related solutions to the problem. It works with the privatesector as well as the members of that state in which ENISA is located (Bastl, Mareš & Tvrdá,2015). The planning that are made to develop the National Cyber Security is exercised byEuropean Union Agency for Network and Information Security and also are concerned with thepan European’s cyber security (Bartsch & Frey, 2017). Cooperation and capacity that are relatedto CSIRT are also exercised by ENISA and also schedules in increasing the technologies whichare owned by private organizations, private technologies that are coming in organizations,adoption of cloud and also to the email ids that are related to cyber threat landscape (CTL). Thelaws that are tied up with NIS (Network and Information Security) are promoted by European
2ENISA BIG DATA INFRASTRUCTUREUnion Agency for Network and Information Security and it also looks to develop and implementthe policy of the European Union.Answer to Question 1:The case study deals with the security of the threat landscape of European Union Agencyfor Network and Information Security which was recorded in the year 2016. There are almostfifteen types of threats are faced by the cyber sector of the Europe and all the top threats arediscussed in details in the ENISA case study. All these data related to cyber attacks that wereaccessed was recorded in 2016 (Kleineidam et al., 2017). Concentration was given more onattacker and the vectors that attack the cyber space and their related solutions to decrease theattacks on cyber space have been discussed in the European Threat Landscape. The case studydeals with all those cyber threats are the ways to solve them are elaborately given in theEuropean Union Agency for Network and Information Security case study. The kill chainmethods of all the threats are stated with diagram. There are almost five group of threat includingthe unintentional damage, hijacking, eavesdropping and interception, nefarious activity, legalthreats and the organizational threats (Hänisch & Rogge, 2017). Threats agents are discussed andtheir relative good practices to mitigate threats are also showcased in the given case study. Thefollowing diagram shows the European Union Agency for Network and Information Securitylandscape infrastructure is given below.
3ENISA BIG DATA INFRASTRUCTUREENISAStructureddataSemi StructureddataUnstructured dataSensorStreaming DataTYPES OF BIG DATADATASTORAGEEncryptionFirewallWeb ServicesWeb BrowserMobile devicesDesktopsFig: ENISA Big Data Security Infrastructure
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