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Enterprise Architecture Enables Processes PaperPurpose of this AssignmentThis assignment gives you the opportunity to apply your critical thinking skills andunderstanding of the course concepts to explain how the enterprise architecture (EA) and/orthe EA program supports the other IT management processes of an organization. Thisassignment specifically addresses the following course outcomes:describe enterprise architecture (EA), the appropriate application of EA frameworks,and an overall ongoing EA programanalyze and examine how enterprise architecture and enterprise systems influence,support, and enable an organization's ability to contribute to strategic decisionmaking and to respond and adapt to the business environmentapply EA concepts to support business requirements and identify opportunities forenterprise solutionsAssignmentAs you have learned throughout the course, EAs can be used to support a wide variety ofinformation technology management processes, and an EA program strengthens ITmanagement activities. A well-defined and implemented EA contributes significantly to eachof the phases of the systems development life cycle (SDLC). For this assignment you willwrite a3-5 page paper(not counting any cover sheet or reference pages) thatexplainsbriefly what enterprise architecture (EA) isand thenhow it supplements and enables each ofthe phases of the SDLC:initiation/planning/concept phaserequirements analysis phasedesign phasedevelopment phaseintegration and testing phaseimplementation/deployment/support/maintenance phaseYou should explainhow EA enables each phase,how it fits into each phase, and whatuniquequalities or capabilitiesa well-defined EA contributes that might not otherwise be availableto the organization.The use ofat least two external scholarly resources(other than class materials) isrequired. (NOTE: More than two external resources are required to receive all possiblepoints; see Grading Rubric below.) You should usescholarly journals(rather thanWikipedia and author-less website postings). Remember to correctly cite and reference allsources using APA format.Grading RubricUse the rubric below to be sure you have covered all aspects of the assignment.7/8/20141
Criteria90-100%Far AboveStandards80-89%AboveStandards70-79%MeetsStandards60-69%BelowStandards< 60%WellBelowStandardsPossiblePointsIntro-duction5 PointsAsophisticatedintroductionsets thestage for thepaper.4 PointsA well-writtenintroductionsets thestage for thepaper.3.5 PointsTheintroductionadequatelysets thestage forthe paper.3 PointsTheintroductiondoes notadequatelyset the stagefor thepaper.0-2 PointsNointroduction included.5Explana-tion ofEnterpriseArchitec-ture13-15PointsExplanationis brief butclear; iscompleteenough to setthe stage forthe paper;anddemonstratesasophisticatedunderstanding of courseconcepts.12 PointsExplanationis brief butclear; iscompleteenough toset the stagefor thepaper; anddemonstrates a goodunderstanding of courseconcepts.10-11PointsExplanationisadequatelyclear andsufficientlycomplete toset thestage forthe paper,anddemonstrates anadequateunderstanding of courseconcepts.9 PointsExplanationmay be onlysomewhatclear orcomplete;may or maynotdemonstratean adequateunderstanding of courseconcepts.0-8 PointsExplanation is notincluded orlittle effortisdemonstrated.15EASupportto SDLCPhases:Theexplanationof how EAenables eachof the SDLCphasesbelow, how itfits into thephase, andwhat uniquequalities orcapabilitiesEAcontributesto each isthorough,clearlyexplained,Theexplanationof how EAenables eachof the SDLCphasesbelow, how itfits into thephase, andwhat uniquequalities orcapabilitiesEAcontributesto each iscomplete,clearlyexplained,Theexplanationof how EAenableseach of theSDLCphasesbelow, andhow it fitsinto thephase, andwhat uniquequalities orcapabilitiesEAcontributesto each ispresented,Theexplanationof how EAenables eachof the SDLCphasesbelow, andhow it fitsinto thephase, andwhat uniquequalities orcapabilitiesEAcontributesto each maybe partiallycomplete,Explanation of howEA enablesthe SDLCphases ismissing orshows littleeffort.(seebelow)7/8/20142
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