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DayMr. John SmithGrow EngineerXYZ Manufacturing, Incorporation.Dear Mr. Smith,Connected please find the proposal titled “Automation of the Vehicle Set upOperation at XYZ Production.” This proposal clarifies in detail the work to befinished at XYZ Manufacturing, Incorporation. by us as FL InternationalUniversity students in Commercial & Systems Engineering throughout theFall of 2007 plus Spring of 2008, for that project requested by yourorganization.We would much appreciate in case you read our proposal thoroughly,complete the section beneath and fax it back towards the ISE Dept. Attn.:Mister. Sanchez at 305-348-3721 in order to the Project Manager, Mister. X,so s/he may take it back to our project teachers.When you have any questions or comments about this proposal, do nothesitate to make contact with us at _____________ or Doctor Chin-Sheng Mr. orChen. Mario Sanchez, the project instructors, at 305-348-3753/3723respectively.Sincerely,_________________________________________________________College student #1 Name & SignStudent #2 Name& SignStudent #3Name & SignL: 305-555-1212I have read the surrounded proposal and have the following responses:the proposal is approved by usWe all decline the proposal.We accept the offer with the changes/comments shown beneath (feel free toinclude any kind of comments in separate web page as necessary).
Company Representative Name/Title Signature / TimeExecutive summaryThe application is targeted at to the wise phone market because of theubiquity that devices have attained in recent times. More so, the potentialend users will find this program more useful than conventional aids currentlyin use simply because they may not need to purchase brand new devices,because a smart phone app will save them from the uncomfortable effects ofexternal devices publicizes their disabilities and it will furthermore allowthem to ask for and get help from people close to them using the well-knowntop features of a smart phone.The aim of this particular project is twofold. Initial, the preliminaryrequirements provided by the client will be refined in to a detailedrequirements description which usually captures real customers' true needs/wants as precisely, and conceptually as possible concisely. Secondly, aprototype is going to be developed which should demonstrate the importantthing features of the detailed necessity in the real world.
BackgroundCompany Objectives and GoalsThe business goals and goals for this project will concentrate onimplementing mobile technology that will:oImproves officer, citizen and firefighter safety.oFacilitates coordination and information discussing both internal andexternal to the taking part organizations.oEnhances the ability plus effectiveness of staff to do their jobs.oFacilitates matched crime prevention and decrease.oProvides high levels of information security.oProvides an open, versatile, reliable technology base for future years.oFacilitates the electronic catch of data at the source.oIs easy to use.oEliminate redundant data entry through the entire organization.Task Objectives and GoalsSample task goals and objectives:oEnsure that end users have insight into the design process.oAccomplish project business goals plus objectives within definedspending budget and time parameters.oMinimize impact to standard company operations within the affectedproducts.oCraft a favorable and safe agreement between the Department as wellas the selected vendor.
Proposed solutionThe following assumptions were produced in preparing the Project Strategy:oOPD employees are willing to alter business operations to take benefitof the functionality offered by the new cellular technology.oManagement will make sure that project team members are availablesince needed to complete project duties and objectives.oThe Guiding Committee will participate in the particular timelyexecution of the Task Plan (I. e., well-timed approval cycles andconference when required).oFailure to distinguish changes to draft deliverables within the timespecified within the project timeline will result in task delays.oProject team members may adhere to the Communications Program.oMid and upper administration will foster support plus “buy-in” ofproject targets and objectives.oThe Town will ensure the existence of the technological infrastructurethat can assistance the new mobile technology.oAll project participants will adhere to the guidelines identified withinthis strategy.oThe Project Plan might change as new info and issues are uncovered
Cost analysisQuantitative CostsYear1Year2Year3Year4Year5TotalHardware5005506006507003000Servers5055606156707253075Desktop 5105706306907503150Telecommunication equipment5155806457107753225Software (packaged or custom)5205906607308003300Computer room upgrades5256006757508253375Furniture and fixtures5306106907708503450Project organizational/support costs5356207057908753525Planning (upon approval)5406307208109003600Procurement5456407358309253675Contract negotiations5506507508509503750Labor 5556607658709753825Infrastructure56067078089010003900Development56568079591010253975Business Process owners (users)57069081093010504050Management57570082595010754125Training of employees (pre-implementation)58071084097011004200Transition costs (parallel systems)58572085599011254275Post implementation reviews590730870101011504350Total Costs103551216013965157701757569825

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