Types of Entrepreneurial Ventures and Typology - Report

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INTRODUCTIONEntrepreneurship is the business term which refers to creating, designing as well as includeconcept of running small business enterprise. In which company offering various types of goodsand services in international market for attract numerous people and build trust among them. Itplays significant role in continuous growth and development of firm. In present report discussedabout several types of entrepreneurial ventures and related them with typology. Also relevantdata or statistics mentioned in order to analyse impact of micro and macro on economy (Dacin,Dacin and Matear, 2010).There are different types of advantages of entrepreneurship related tolocal, regional, national as well as international economy.Projectexplaining characteristic,strengths or skills of two success entrepreneurs across the entire world (Entrepreneurship.2017).Also the personality of entrepreneurial having impact on the motivation and mind-sets ofpersons.TASK 1P1Entrepreneurship is the significant aspect because it will assist for the purpose of providevarious opportunities to individuals and with the help of this economy of the country becomestrong. The individuals who manage entire concept of this is known asentrepreneurs.Furthermore, person having capabilities to develop as well as manage entire performance ofsmall scale industries and put them in profitable position(Herrington and et. al., 2010). In thismodern era, competition will increase on continuous basis among small business firms.All thesemembers are capable to fulfil rules or regulation as per the policies of company.The difference among these two is stated below:BasisEntrepreneurIntra-preneurDefinitionEntrepreneur stands for individualwho is able to sets his own businessactivities and enterprise.Intra-preneurs has been considered asemployee of a companies as well asthey take care of several types ofgoods or services.ApproachThey use intuitive approachThey use restorative approachResourcesThey use their own resourcesThey utilise resources of firm.RiskThey are responsible to take risks.All the risk needs to be taken by1
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