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Running head: ENTREPRENEURSHIPEntrepreneurshipName of the student:Name of the university:Author note
1ENTREPRENEURSHIPIn order to take interview of an eminent personality, a list was made of the topentrepreneurs and then the best one was selected on the basis of certain criteria. These criteriaincluded the sources of contact, his availability and the field in which he is associated with.When these three criteria matched with the American lawyer as well as the founder of thepopular electrical company Emerson, John Wesley Emerson, he was the chosen person for theinterview (Bruner et al. 2017). Emerson is regarded as the company where technology andengineering have a close bond with each other by creating solutions for the customer benefitsand without any kind of compromise in the world of action. The special reason behind thisselection was his excellence in electrical which attracts only few people from the crowd. But it isan interesting area which should be focused on for gaining more knowledge.To know more about this entrepreneur and his passion about electronics, an appointmentdate was fixed for taking his interview. The selected date was 25thSeptember 2017 according tothe guest’s convenience. His secretary was reluctant to give the date at first owing to his busyschedule but then he was convinced of the urgency of the interview. He agreed to it when it wastold that the interview will be printed in the brochure which will be released in the local bookfair. Although the interview was given consent, but the hosts had to keep a time frame of 1 hourwithin which the interview had to be conducted. It was told that the interview questions shouldbe prepared beforehand and sent to the guest so that no time is wasted on the specific day. Thepermission of printing the interview in the brochure was given only if the questions remainedunchanged.One week before the final day, the set of questions was sent to the guest through mail sothat he can have an idea of the answers and do not need to think or fumble. The host had takenprior permission of recording the answers as it was a better option than writing those down. A
2ENTREPRENEURSHIPnecessary homework must be done on the guest and his pertinent areas so that the questions donot make him offended. In the given scenario, John Wesley Emerson is an American lawyer aswell as an entrepreneur and businessman (Bae et al. 2014). He became successful in the businessof the famous Emerson electrical and electronics into an internal brand which excels in sellingelectronic goods all over the world (Bredvold and Skålén 2016). His parents were William andRosanna Ellen. His education was started in Pennsylvania and then he had shifted to Michigan.He studied law and was a student of bar association in Missouri (Chatterji, Glaeser and Kerr2014).Apart from being a lawyer he had also worked as a volunteer in the military without anydesignation during the battle of Richmond in 1862 and also got wounded. As a result of hisservice he got promoted to the rank of a colonel in the 68thMissouri Volunteer Infantry(Nambisan and Baron 2013). Gradually he got promoted to the rank of a major and finally ageneral. He was fickle minded and was not sure of his position in the military so came back tothe legal field. He started practicing law at Ironton and became a judge of the 15thJudicial CircuitCourt.The preparation was at the peak before the setting of the questions. The enquiries wereput in such a way as to withdraw the maximum information as well as not annoy the guest in anyway. The questions were structured in a general as well as a critical way to know the keys tosuccess of his career graph. The personal questions only asked for certain basic information anddid not ask for any intruding factor. It was a great learning experience for the host when Johnhad praised the questions and also added that in all these years of his life he has experienced veryfew good interviews including the present one (Carland Jr, Carland and Carland III 2015).
3ENTREPRENEURSHIPIn the first part, the questions asked for his first stepping into the business of buildingelectrical goods and appliances and why did he choose this particular field. Many new facts wererevealed in the course of interview which would provide knowledge in a new dimension to hisfollowers. He had no intention of being the inventor of Emerson until he met two orphans whowanted to open an electrical manufacturing company (Carland and Carland 2015).In the first part of the interview, the host was surprised to find out that there is nomention of electrical or electronics in his speech or they were related somehow with his life.There was no connection between Emerson and electrical. It is a matter of amazement how can alawyer and an army man become the founder of a popular electric company. Only in 1890, hehad met two orphans from Scotland who needed financial help for settling in lives (Galindo andMéndez 2014). They wanted to open an electrical and mechanical devices manufacturingcompany. He helped the two orphans by donating $50,000 for their start- up business. Theorphans had started a new company with the name Emerson Electric manufacturing Companywith Emerson as the first president of the company. He served in that position for two years from1890- 1892. At the time of retirement, he sold off his interest to a railroad executive namedHerbert L. Parker. Emerson successfully became a multinational corporation company inAmerica in the electric product manufacturing sector. The company is headquartered in Missouriof United States. They have a range of products and services for different kinds of business andbuyer markets. He again changed his profession after retiring from the Emerson Company (Pittet al. 2015). He even tried his hands in writing about General Grant’s campaign of theMississippi Valley. This guest was an interesting personality as he was not only the founder ofthe Emerson Electrical Company but also a warrior, lawyer and writer. It can be said that he is aman of versatility who believed that variety is the spice of life.
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