Kind of Entrepreneurial Ventures : Report

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INTRODUCTIONEntrepreneurship is that type of business which is started by the creative idea of a person.That person is an entrepreneur who have the qualities of making innovative and creative ideas intheir business operations. Creating something in in the activities help in ensuring that all theissues that are generated in the business are sort out. Present report includes about mini researchwith the aim of examining different kind of entrepreneurial ventures and their relationship totypologies of entrepreneurship. Various differences and similarities within varied entrepreneurialventures are explored. Impact of small and micro trades on the economy is assessed. The reportalso discusses regarding importance of small businesses and business start -ups are explained inwhich way they contribution to the growth of social economy after Brexit. Traits, skills andcharacteristics of two entrepreneurs are determined. Entrepreneurial personality reflectsentrepreneurial motivation and mindset. It is also examined regarding hinderance of experienceand background foster entrepreneurship.TASK 1 P 1- Examining different types of entrepreneurial ventures and analysing their relation with thetypology of entrepreneurship.Entrepreneur is an individual who is responsible for starting and running small units withlimited resources. He also to take every type of risk and reward to his venture. Entrepreneurventures are kind of business that can be run by a single person or group of people. Key projectsare ventures in which administrators engage in local and global enterprises. There are manyentrepreneurial ventures which are related with the typologies of entrepreneurship. All theventures are started by one person by using their innovative and creative ideas. Those differententrepreneurial ventures are described below:Types of ventureRelationship with typologySmall venturesThese ventures have very small amount ofcapital which can be invested in their businessoperations. They operate their business at avery low level. They only want to meet theirown as well as family’s needs and wants.

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