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Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

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Added on  2023-01-13

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This presentation provides an introduction to entrepreneurship and small business management. It discusses the different forms of entrepreneurial ventures, typology of entrepreneurship, and the differences between small, large, scalable, and social entrepreneurs. It also examines the scope, development, and growth of entrepreneurship. Find study material and solved assignments on Desklib.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

   Added on 2023-01-13

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Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management_1
An entrepreneur is a person who creates a new business, bears the risk
involved in establishing the new business and enjoys the most of the
He is a individual who combine the capital and land , labour to produces
goods and services in the firm. Entrepreneurship is a process for
developing the new product and services thought the establishment of the
new venture.
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management_2
Different forms of entrepreneurial ventures
Entrepreneur is a person who develops creative ideas and then implement
it effectively with an aim to gain profits. They take high risk and bear all
the losses in order to turn up their idea into business. There are various
types of entrepreneurs which is defined below:
Serial Entrepreneur: These entrepreneurs mainly emphasise on
generating unique ideas with an aim to develop high competition within
the market. They manage operations and activities at their own on
continuous basis.
Entrepreneur: They are the subordinates who work in an organisation
and establish new thoughts & ideas. They utilize overall resources of
companies in order to perform business functions effectively.
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management_3
Entrepreneurship is basically a process of generating products and
development of process which is unique & creative in the market.
Along with this, it is an act of converting thoughts into business which
generates profit and declines level of risk.
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