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ENTREPRENEURSHIP1IntroductionThe report is about “Pack & Porter” Company whose aim is to enhance the life of NSmen inSingapore, who face challenges in being well organized and prepared for In-Camp-Training.They offer 3 key services of wash, maintain and storing of kit bags and uniforms. This reportwill provide a brief description of the strategies that Pack & Porter should adopt in order toreach their customers such as the mode to access to customers, location strategies, promotionstrategies and online channels and strategies.ChannelsMode of access to customersThere are various modes available that a business can use in order to reach its customers suchas train, bus, air, truck, water, etc. The Pack & Porter Company has planned to offer theirinitial services to the NSmen of Sungei Gedong Camp which is located at Lim Chu KangRoad in Singapore. It is a remote area where there is only single bus service that travels to thelocation. In order to reach their customers the company can start a moving van service whichwill help them in collecting and transferring the kit bags and uniforms of NSmen at theircamp. Along with this company offers ferry services which deliver the equipment anduniforms of NSmen at their reporting camp.Location StrategiesIt is the initial stage of the Pack and Porter business, therefore they can open their store in thearmy area where they can directly provide their wash, maintain and storing services. It willhelp them in giving strong competition to the other shopkeepers who offer the same type ofservices to the NSmen in Singapore but at a higher price. Further, it will make easy for theNSmen to grab the services of the company.
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