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Executive summary:In this assignment I am discussing about a business plan regarding the opening of a businessof coffee shop in London. The B plan is the live sample or presentation of the business wewanted to do. The various attributes of the plan will be discussed in this assignment i.e.includingsummaryofthebusiness,productsbeingofferedandprofitanalysiswillalsobedone on the basis of the cost and revenue estimations used in the assignment. Various sourcesfor gathering the expected figures have been used to be studied here.
1.Introduction of theBusiness:We will be running a coffee shop, named as ‘Cafe Coffee Sweet’, in the city of London inEngland.Thisshopwillbeofferingcoffeeandrelatedproducts.Themaintargetofthebusiness willbethepeopleofallagesas coffeeis beinglovedbyall.Thebusinesswillbestartingfrom the city of London and soon will be expanding our business in other cities of theEngland. This is the significant chance for the organisation to take the business more higher.

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