Entrepreneurship Development - Assignment Solved

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INTRODUCTIONEntrepreneurship: Development of new venture includes both the concepts of practicaland theoretical of new formation of firm and entrepreneurship. The application of variety oftheories along with approaches to prove the clear understanding of the entrepreneurial process.The assessment will let the variety of demands that is the aspects of intellectual, emotional andphysical demand associated to the start of new business. The assessment will give the real idea ofhonest insight into the activity of entrepreneurs and how the small and medium enterprise playsan important role in the growth of economy. This can be examined form the development orcreation of the new independent firm along with the exiting fir. In the module it will help toformulate to integrate the sustainability and employability. The entrepreneur has the to discussthe variety of the service provided and how the development of the venture will take in themarket. The difference in the pathway as to selective alternative so that the development of thenew formation of firm can be successful.Section 1: Introduce idea and the development of proposed idea.In the world of growing economy everyone is trying to achieve everything to besuccessful and raise the standard of living in their lifestyle. In this race of raising standard andcomfort zone, people are left out with taste of food that are available to them from around theworld. They waste there maximum time standing in the long queue searching of the leaflets ofrestaurants. In the world of growing economy and improving technology, there is the possibilityto access the variety of the different food from the nearest place at the single click and minimumtime(Acs And et.al, 2018). So the idea of the online food delivery system has been clicked as theefficient solution to this problem. This service will be introduced as foodway as a digital app inmobile phones which will order the food in few minutes on a click to your home. With the useof this online food delivery, the customers can have excess to variety of restaurant with unlimitedcuisines and flexibility in the mode of payment of service will make the life trouble free.Section 2: Discuss the entrepreneurial services and organization process which help in formationof the entrepreneurial idea from the recognition of problem.(problem<=>opportunity<=>idea),The idea of the entrepreneurial service is to introduce the service of online delivery foodsystem to the customers on a single click from there favourite restaurant. The food and beverage
industry is one of the vast industry. Food is the essential need for the development and survivalof the human being. The ideas of the development of this entrepreneurial idea has the seriousproblem that has been identified. In the growing world and development of the life style, peopleare neglecting the variety of food that is offered to them by various restaurant. As the problemwas identified as people during the office hours or any item when they feel hungry have to standin the long queue looking at the complicated leaflets to order the food in lunchtime. The workingprofessionals need the meals on time so that they can hold it all the day during there work(AcsAnd et.al, 2018). So this was the major problem as it is somewhere decreasing the efficiency ofthe people and damaging their lifestyle.Here is the gap between the restaurant offering a variety of food and the drawback ofthe customer can't peruse to the service. So to fill the gap between this two important resourcethe opportunities has been recognized for the development of the online food service system. Bythe organization of the gap, the online delivery system will help in the customer to have the reachof the variety of the food dishes along with its food preference to make his meals happy. Therestaurant connected by the system of the food service will increases there market reach for thelonger time. There are the many advantages of the online food delivery system as they are easyto use and implement, easy menu up gradation and the availability of the food items. The goalsfor the food delivery system will delivery the service in the minimum time, providingconvenience to the difficult location, and the services should be financiallyreasonable(Laukkanen and Tornikoski, 2018.). So after the discussion of problem, identificationof the opportunities and the development of ides, it is necessary to understand why this onlinefood delivery system is unique from the remaining application-Hence, the idea developed is unique as compare to the other online food delivery servicein the market as the newly developed service will provide a large variety of the food variationaccording to the demand and preference of the customer.The app will help the customer to navigate their orders. The option of non veg and vegwill be given to the customer so that they can order according to there preference. thiswill make the customer more clear about there choice from the particular restaurant.The customer is allowed to complain against any fault regarding any fault in the foodproduct or service. If anything happen in the delivery of service, customer can complain
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