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Entrepreneurship Management Sample Assignment (pdf)

Added on - 30 Oct 2019

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Running head: ENTREPRENEURSHIP MANAGEMENTEntrepreneurship ManagementName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1ENTREPRENEURSHIP MANAGEMENTIntroductionThe assignment is on understanding the traits and characteristics that needs to beembedded in an entrepreneur. Proper behaviors and actions required in business career haveto be analyzed along with influences of traits.The aim and purpose is to understand influence of character traits and implications oftraits in future. The assignment is reflective in nature and emphasis is on career traits andbehavior.The structure of assignment is on reflection on meaning of results generated fromGET and other relevant tests.1. Meaning of the resultsFrom GET result, I analyzed that I am occasionally enterprising in nature wherein itmeans in future I would like to work for my own organization. I have medium need forachievement, as I want to work towards gaining knowledge on domains of work as well asworking for long hours for achievement. I analyzed I am efficient in time management andindependent. I analyzed if I start my own business I can cultivate positive qualities onleadership. Proper risk taking ability is essential to achieve desired results in business andhelps in achieving success.From GET results, it is analyzed that I am calculative in nature while taking risks forcompany but I have creative tendencies that can have huge impact on changing game fororganization. Proper analysis is required to understand my weaknesses in handling conflictsthat can affect business and try to resolve issues. It is analyzed that if I take risks for successit will definitely be fruitful in nature. From overall GET score, I am a medium score
2ENTREPRENEURSHIP MANAGEMENTperformer wherein I am capable of taking up challenges when there are risks involved inreputation of organization.Figure 1: GET Test2.a)Contradictory evidence for evaluationThere are differences in psychometric test that I have taken in TestMyCreativity site.In GET test, I have seen I have medium score in taking up risks as well as in creativetendency. I have scored 67% in locus of control that helps me in understanding I am self-confident and opportunistic in nature. I have entrepreneurship skills embedded in me thathelps me in developing ideas for making business successful. Similarly, I am having mediumscore in recognizing myself, as I would be happy to work as an entrepreneur rather thanworking as intrapraneur. Lastly, for need of achievement for organization and for me, it canbe analyzed that I am optimistic in nature on viewing different things in a separate manner. Iam determined in achieving objectives for organization and achieve success as well.However, in test taken on TestMyCreativity site, I have analyzed few different aspectson my behavior regarding entrepreneurship. I have ability to solve complex problems that canhamper success and gain competitive advantage. I have creative ability in making changesthat helps in bringing changes in growth of company. I have ability to persist with changes inorganization, as this will help in making the tasks of organization successful in nature. In this
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