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1Running head: APPLY RESEARCH SKILLS WITHIN A CONTEMPORARY HEALTH ENVIRONMENTAPPLY RESEARCH SKILLS WITHIN A CONTEMPORARY HEALTH ENVIRONMENT[Author Name(s), First M. Last, Omit Titles and Degrees][Institutional Affiliation(s)]tmpck98ixqr1812792_967486861_applyingresearchskills.edited.docxVer. 1.1 (21/12/2015)Page1of8
APPLY RESEARCH SKILLS WITHIN A CONTEMPORARY HEALTH ENVIRONMENTRESEARCH PROPOSALQ.1.Develop a research questionA research on barriers to effective mentoring of nursing students in work placement in clinical settingsQ.2.Write literature reviewMentoring overseas nurses: barriers to mentoring practices which are effective and non-discriminatory arean article written by Helen Allan. It argues that there are many barriers to the effective and non-discriminatory activities when there is mentoring of the nurses in the overseas countries. Such barriersinclude lack of information and awareness on how different cultural differences affect the process ofmentoring the overseas nurses and their learning. These barriers demonstrate unreliable means of teachingin ethics of practice where there is a variety of cultural diversity in the healthcare. The article shows thatthe overseas nurses are being discriminated against in their mentoring through poor mentoring practicesand other learning processes.Evaluation of mentorship programme in nursing education is an article which was a pilot project inTurkey. It clearly shows how mentoring improves the confidence of a student nurse, helps to ease theirchallenges which are associated with their new place of work, it also increases student nurse self-esteemand helps them to socialize into their nursing role. The descriptive explanation was derived usingMaslow’s hierarchy of requirement and test Rotters locus control.Staff-student relationships and their impact on nursing students are which was published in2009.According to the article; it clearly explains the relationship of the student nurse and theirbelongingness in a health care centre. It explores the relationship between the replacement andbelongingness experience of nursing students who are not registered. The staff-student relationship is veryimportant in the student experience of their learning and belongingness to a given clinical settings. Thetmpck98ixqr1812792_967486861_applyingresearchskills.edited.docxVer. 1.2 (31/05/2016)Page2of8
APPLY RESEARCH SKILLS WITHIN A CONTEMPORARY HEALTH ENVIRONMENTneed of a student nurse to belong to given clinical settings influences their thoughts, behaviours, health,and emotions which in turn affects their learning through mentorship. Student nurses who are deprived ofbelongingness experiences a more diminished self-esteem, high level of stress, depressions and a lowwell-being in a given clinical settings. The motivation, confidence, willingness to respond to questions,their future career decisions and capacity to learn are influenced by their belongingness.Q.3.Designa)Identify what research approach would be best suited to your research question/statement:Quantitative research approach[ CITATION FDy09 \l 2057 ].b)Identify which research design would be best suited to your research question/statements. Chooseonefrom the following approaches and provide a rationale for why you have chosen that designmethod.Descriptive research design: This is because the research which is going to be carried out is mainaim to determine the relationship in one thing and the subject was to be measured once[ CITATIONEli12 \l 2057 ].c)Provide a short definition of your chosen research method.Descriptive research design it mainly describes the situations and they don’t determine the effects orcauses of a given phenomenon. The descriptive research approach is divided into three categories;the survey method, the case study method and the observational methods.in the observationalmethod, the behaviour of humans or animals is closely observed. There are two types ofobservational method; this is laboratory observations and the naturalistic observation[ CITATIONJos16 \l 2057 ].Case study method refers to the in-depth study of a person or a group of individuals. The main aimof case studies to reach hypothesis which is testable allows one to study phenomena which occursrarely[ CITATION Emi15 \l 2057 ].tmpck98ixqr1812792_967486861_applyingresearchskills.edited.docxVer. 1.2 (31/05/2016)Page3of8
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