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Environmental Management for Sustainable Development PDF

Added on - 13 Sep 2021

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Environmental Management for Sustainable Development
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Humans strive for a better life in any waypossible. The quest for improved living
standards has resulted to the consideration of resource sustainability and degradation of the
environment. However, improved living standards are not attainable by all individuals across
the globe. This paper will focus on the issues that hinder environmentalsustainability and the
efforts taken by the United Nations to ensure thatpeople living in third world countries are
provided with social amenities.
The first goal of the United Nations is to mitigate poverty levelseverywhere in all its
forms. According to United Nationsorganization, extreme poverty can be ended through
universal social protection, systems that safeguard all individuals throughout their life cycle.
Moreover, it should also reduce the vulnerability to disasters(McCollum, et. al., 2018).
The second goal is to end hunger and achieve food security. Despite the previous
efforts on the war against hunger, which had seen the decline in lack of foodsecurity, hunger
is on the rise again. The issues that have brought back hunger include climate change, natural
disasters, and drought.
Promotion of good health and well-being of all at all ages is the third goal of the
organization. Theorganization hopes to achieve this by focussing concentrated and sustained
effortson regions and groups that have been neglected(World Health Organization, 2016).
Inclusive and equitable education is also a key goal, whereby the organization has
planned to channel its efforts in upgrading the education quality. In addition, the efforts aim
to reduce the disparities in education based on the lines of urban-rural location and
gender(Hák, Janoušková, &Moldan, 2016).
Gender equality and empowerment ranks as the fifth goal that seeks to empower
women by assessing structural issues including unfair social norms and developing a
progressive legal framework with the aim of promoting equality between women and men.
Sustainable management and availability of water and sanitation require that water
efficiency is increased by improving the management toattain abalance on the growing water
demands from various users and sectors.
Access to sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy is another goal that seeks to
ensure improvements in industrial energy efficiency and electrification in the least developed
countries by 2030.
Promotion of sustainable and inclusive economic growth also falls under the
organization’s goals. This goal will work to increase employment opportunities and reduce
informal employment for young people as well as labour market inequality. In addition, the
goal will ensure sustained and inclusive economic growth by promoting safe and secure
working environments, and access to financial services(Buse,& Hawkes, 2015).
Another goal is to achieve a sustainable and inclusive industrialization through
merging and unleashing competitive economic forces to create income and employment and
income. Facilitate international trade and ensure effective use of resources.
Reduction of inequality by reducing income inequalitiesis also a goal set out by the
organization. It achieves such through zero tariffs access for exports for the least developed
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