Environmental Sustainability and Its Influences

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2Environmental sustainability and how it influences organizational behaviorAccording to Morelli, environmental sustainability entails the process of taking actionsand making decisions with the major interest and focus on ensuring that the natural world isprotected1. When it comes to environmental sustainability, much of the emphasis is placed on thepreservation of the environment as it supports human life. For an organization, environmentalsustainability involves making decisions which are responsible so that the business’ adverseeffect to the environment is reduced. To ensure this is possible, environmental sustainability doesnot involve itself with less energy consumption and reduction of waste but rather focuses ondeveloping processes which eventually ensure that the company is fully sustainable in the future.Organizational behavior according Pinder is the study of groups and individuals in anorganization with a focus on how the organization is playing a role in shaping the social andeconomic well-being of the societies around it (Pinder 2014). Organizational behavior entailsvarious aspects and topics including organizational design, institutional change, corporategovernance, innovation, and teamwork. Environmental sustainability influence theorganizational behavior by improving the image of the brand together with its competitiveadvantage. According to Tilman, David and Micheal, more than 60,000 consumers in the UnitedStates make a consideration of the company’s impact on the environment before buying aspecific good or service (Tilman, David & Micheal 2014, 520). Another influence is thatinvestors and employees will be attracted because of the positive values. Productivity is alsoincreased due to a reduction in waste and additionally, sustainability ensures that the businesshas the ability to be in compliance with regulations.1Morelli, John. "Environmental sustainability: A definition for environmental professionals."Journal of environmental sustainability1, no. 1 (2013): 2.
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