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1SUSTAINABILITYPrepared byNameInstitutional Affiliation, LocationCourse Name, CodePresented toInstructor`s NameInstitutional affiliation, LocationDate of Submission
2IntroductionSustainability is defined as the capability of biological systems in order to remain andendure diverse and productive in the long run. The main leading value for the procedure ofsustainability is the schedule for maintainable and sustainable development which has differentinterconnected elements such as ecology, economics, politics, and culture. There are severalproblems which have challenged people’s reality in the expedition for the accomplishment ofdevelopmental sustainability(Hallstedt, 2017, p. 70). Such issues are usually stated by thescholars as wicked issues since they may not be defined fully and they have no concludingsolutions where all the interests of stakeholders are optimal. These issues are always difficult andare continually changing necessities, and when one tries to solve a particular aspect in them, itresults in rising new several issues making it very complex to get an ideal solution. Wickedissues are thus a set of specific problems which are reflected to be symptoms of other issues. Forpeople to be in a position to come up with resolutions to sustainability issues, it is necessary tochange from their conventional tactic of reasoning and develop their mental models. Systemthinking comes in this situation as models to assist individuals in enhancing significantresolutions to sustainability issues(Rauter, Jonker and Baumgartner, 2017, p. 146).System thinking is defined as an inter-disciplinary outline which is used to picture theinterconnections for viewing different forms of change instead of static snapshots. Thoughsystem thinking is an old aspect, it is always referred to as the new method of thinking in order tomanage and understand the already existing difficult issue both locally and worldwide. It is away for development developers to conceptualize as well as act in the direction of the systematicincorporation of economic and socio-environmental proportions of sustainability. The tacticenables establishment for leveraging management difficulties comparative to other ways. It also
3comprises observing the entire picture as well as comprehending the broader setting whileconcurrently appreciating relations amongst different levels(Domingueset al., 2017, p. 300).The importance of this study is based on the fact that no wicked issue which occurs inisolation, but all situations are part of the vast structure of interrelated networks, and thussystems thinking method is significant while creating resolutions for such issues. The reason isthat an individual may not understand the behavior of a particular system by examining a few ofits sections but rather the entire system(Kauflin, 2017, p. 1). This essay seeks to assess thefunction of systems thinking in local and global sustainability issues as well as drawing attentionto one of the wicked challenges. Personally, I agree with the stated statement that “systemsthinking is critical in developing solutions to sustainability challenges,” since the method showsa systematic approach to address problems. A system thinker usually tries to observe beyond thelevel of microscopic details of an issue to the set of connections in which they are related. Thispaper analyses the methods in which the tactic addresses the issues through its major phases suchas diagnosing the issue so as to view how it may be solved, as well as implementing resolutionswith known results. Specific attention will be drawn to the wicked issue of domestic violencewhile striving to appraise the significance of systems thinking in dealing with the problem.Focusing on systems thinking, solving the wicked issues of sustainability like domesticviolence needs two important components. Form bigger system flexibility for the naturalsurrounding as well as subsequently reconsidering leadership so as to make it appropriate fordealing with the difficulties of all the combined methods(Hubeauet al., 2017, p.62). Contrastingto the conventional methods of thinking, the systems thinking often put stress on the effects andcauses in the systems and the way they are mutually reliant to each other. The tactic may,therefore, assist people to get an in-depth comprehending of the connection in the actual world
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