Environmental Sustainability Assignment

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ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES AND SUSTAINABILITY1Environmental issues and sustainabilityInstitutional AffiliationNameDate
ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES AND SUSTAINABILITY2IntroductionMyriad issues continue to face the environment as a result of increased industrialization andtechnological innovations. This essay explores the concept of environmental issue andinnovation strategies meant to deal with environmental issues.Pollution. Pollution is the introduction to the environment of harmful or poisonous substances.Pollution is a major menace that continues to eat into the modern society due to the adverseimpact that it has on the environment. Pollution is classified as land, air, water and noisepollution, all of which have hurt life and property. Water pollution which is caused by thedischarge of effluents into water bodies has been the main reason for the spread of waterbornediseases in developing countries. Air pollution is the cause of global warming effect beingexperienced across the world. Land pollution, on the other hand, has adversely affected theagricultural productivity of many countries while noise pollution has been the cause of numeroushealth problems. Among these, Air pollution is the most prevalent due to the increased numberof industries and vehicles and therefore will be my main issue. Use of giant sprinklers in majorcities can be a useful innovation to address air pollution (Hall & Rosenberg, 2010).Recycling technology. Recycling is the process of converting materials into waste materials intouseful new materials and objects. Recycling of wastes materials helps in the reduction ofgreenhouse emissions, landfills and hence reducing the negative impact on the environment.Among the significant benefits of recycling is that it helps in the decrease in raw materialconsumption, air and water pollution and usage of energy. However, despite the numerousadvantages associated with recycling, the concept has remained largely underutilized andmisunderstood in some quarters. In the united states of America which is among the most
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