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a.BSBSUS401: Assessment1What you have to doYou are to complete the following tasks based on your current workplace. If you donothavea current workplace you may base your assessment on a previous employer or your homeoffice.PLEASE USE THE TEMPLATE SUPPLIED TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS. Pleasetype your answers under the relative questions in the template attached at the back ofthis assessment..TaskYou have been asked by your manager to implement a number of environmental sustainablepractices for your current workplace. In particular you are asked to investigate:current usage of paper;type of paper purchased;the suppliers that the business deals with; andenvironmental regulations that impact your business.From your investigation you will introduce performance improvement strategies forminimising usage and sourcing environmentally friendly paper; monitoring measures;continual improvement; and green procurement in accessing suitable suppliers.Choose whatever resource is most applicable to your company or home office. This projectuses paper usage, but you may substitute this with electricity, water, chemicals, fuel etc.Task one: Investigate current practices in relation to resource usagea.Provide a brief overview of your workplace or home office (a short paragraph issufficient).b.Provide a brief description of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997(POEO Act) and how it applies to business. You can directly access the objectives ofthe Act at:c.Conduct an environmental review of paper usage in your workplace or home officeby filling in the audit report (use ‘audit report’ in template supplied). This report shouldidentify environmental impacts of using paper; the average monthly consumption;current purchasing practices; and any non-compliance.Task two: Set targets for improvementLooking at your audit report and using the‘improvement in sustainability practices’tablein the template, includethree areas of improvement. You must include possible strategies
and actions to achieve the improvements; realistic objectives and targets to improve paperresource efficiency; and key personnel who assist in setting achievable improvement targets.Task three: Implement performance improvement strategiesa.Before you implement your sustainable recommendations regarding paper usage,you are required to consult with other stakeholders. Writeone paragraphsetting outhow you will seek suggestions and ideas about environmental and resourceefficiency management from key personnel in your workplace, or external specialists.These suggestions may enhance your own ideas for improvement.b.To apply the Waste management hierarchy in the workplace you need todemonstrate how your performance strategies will be implemented and who isresponsible for their implementation. Use the‘improvement in sustainabilitypractices’table in the template. Place the most preferred action first to the leastpreferred. Include tools and describe strategies that will measure and monitor theeffectiveness of the recommended practices. (E.g. key personnel, training, support,communication methods).c.To promote your sustainability practice, you must conduct a cost analysis for yourmanager. This table is also in your template.COSTING ANALYSIS FOR PAPERImprovementStrategyORIGINALUSAGEORIGINAL$ per unitORIGINALTOTAL $PROJECTEDUSAGEPROJECTED$ per unitPROJECTED TOTAL $SAVINGS $Improvementstrategy 1Improvementstrategy 2Improvementstrategy 3SAVINGSTask four: Monitor performancea.Now that you have implemented improvements in paper usage, you need toevaluate, review and report to stakeholders on how effective the improvements havebeen. Use the’review of performance strategies’ table in the template. You mustinclude how you will review your methods; whether you met your sustainabilityperformance outcomes; how you report outcomes; which stakeholders will get thereview report; and who is responsible for the report.b.How will you promote your success strategies within your workplace? Also considerhow you can reward staff for following your recommendations. Can you suggest asystem for staff to contribute their own ideas for sustainability?
Task five: Green procurementYour manager is very happy with your recommendations and would like to enhance theimage of the business by adopting a green procurement strategy.Design a questionnaire that you can circulate to your suppliers. This questionnaire will allowyour firm to compare potential and existing suppliers based on sustainable outcomes. Youshould include questions based on their products and services, packaging, and their ownsustainable practices and policies. Your questionnaire should include at least 10 questionswhich allow your organisation to assess the viability of doing business with a supplier thatalso has sustainable initiatives.ChecklistI have:Used the template to answer the questionsAnswered all five tasks in the assessmentIncluded my name, student number, unit number, assessment numberReviewed and spell checked my documentSaved a copy on my own computer.
Case Study Template BSBSUS401Task one: Investigate current practices in relation to resource usage*Please note if you conduct this assessment on your home office you must also include how you could apply your answers to a mid-size organisation.a.Provide a brief overview of your workplace or home office (a short paragraph is sufficient).Hunter Mason is a company that is engaged in construction management consultancy. It is a medium size firm that operates in Australia. Thecompany was established in 2013 by Matthew Callender. It provides variety of services to customers in construction field. It has been ranked 7thfastestgrowing companies in AFR fast 2017. They are highly engaged in various construction projects as well such as buildings, roads, dams, etc. moreover, thecompany is growing very rapidly in several areas ofAustralia. It has also expanded their operations in UK in providing consultancy services to companies.b.Provide a half-page description of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act). You can directly access the objectives ofthe Act at:This act is imposed by Australian government on business and companies and is administered by EPA. It was developed in 1997 and become operatedfrom 1stJuly 1999. In this, there are many other acts that are clean air act 1961, noise control act 1975, etc. The main objective of this act is to adopt moreinnovative approached to reduce pollution (Marshall and et.al., 2015). For this policies, goals and standards are developed. Besides this, it issues license tobusiness to protect environment.4
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