Epidemology of Dengue Virus Infection

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Running head: EPIDEMOLOGY OF DENGUE VIRUS INFECTIONEPIDEMOLOGY OF DENGUE VIRUS INFECTIONName of the StudentName of the universityAuthor’s note
1EPIDEMOLOGY OF DENGUE VIRUS INFECTIONEpidemologyDengue virus infections2015 Case definitionCSTE Position Statement(s)14-ID-10Subtype(s)DengueDengue feverSevere dengueBackgroundDengue is a lethal disease caused due to any four of the viruses (DENV-1, -2, -3, and -4).It is aproblem of concern world wide. About 400 millions of cases about the DENV cases have beenreported (Ferreira, 2012). DENV are transmitted through the vector Aedes aegypti. Thesemosquitoes are endemic in the tropical countries; the people from the tropical countries are moresusceptible to the disease ("Nationally Notifiable Diseases | Healthy Water | CDC", 2017)Laboratory criteria for the diagnosis of dengue virus Confirmatory tests:
2EPIDEMOLOGY OF DENGUE VIRUS INFECTIONDiagnosis of the dengue virus in the plasma serum, blood, CSF of brain and other bodyfluids by using polymerase chain reaction.Isolation of the DENV by the cell culture of the plasma of the serum or the specimen ofCSF.Identification of the IgM anti DENV by immunoassay of the serum specimen.Identification of the DENV antigen in the immune fluorescence assay. Identification of IgM anti-DENV by the immunoassay in the serum or CSF in a personwho stays in an area that is dengue endemic or non-endemic or recent vaccination againsta flavivirus.2010 Case definition of dengue virus infectionsClinical DescriptionIt is an acute feverish illness that is characterized by retro-ocular pain, frontal headache, pain inmuscles and joints, followed by rashes. The communicable disease is spread bythe mosquito Aedesaegyptiand is confined to the tropical countries. Manifestations like dengue hemorrhagic fever israre, but can be lethal. ("Nationally Notifiable Diseases | Healthy Water | CDC", 2017).Laboratory Criteria for the DiagnosisDetection of dengue virus from serum and autopsy samples.Detection of a fourfold increase or fall in reciprocal IgG or IgM antibody titers in serumsamples to one or more dengue virus antigens.Detection of dengue virus antigen in autopsy tissue samples by immunofluorescencetechnique or by using hybridization probe.

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