Equality And Diversity Assignment

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Running head: EXPLORING EQUALITY AND DIVERSITYExploring Equality and DiversityName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthors note
EXPLORING EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY1Aim and objectives of the secondary data analysisAim of this analysisFinding the factors affecting attitude towards woman at workplace and impact on thewomen employees.Objectives1. Fact finding: In this secondary data analysis we will try to find out the facts thatcan impact on the attitude and behaviour of the other employees towards the womenemployees at the workplace.2. Analysis of the resultsfrom the different sources such as journals and web portals.3.Providing recommendationsin order to improve the attitude towards the women.Part A: Secondary Data AnalysisGeneral Attitude towards women at the workplaceThe attitude plays a vital role on the behaviour of an individual. In both the developedand developing countries women access to the workforce/workplace are restricted by thecultural values. This is also limited due to familial limitations, Studies on the general attitudeconcerning on the women at the work place shows that, the world economy and stringencyalso effects on the attitude of the employees at the workplace.Attitude of supervisorAs mentioned and briefed in the different web portals and different journals, at anyworkplace a supervisor of the employees or team may have generalized attitude for a groupor for an individual who are categorized by some certain attributes (Mylearning.org 2018).This leads to generalized concept of the superior may affect the supervisor’s behaviour
EXPLORING EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY2towards a female employee and his way of treating a member of that specific group (with anyone of the group he or she comes into contact). The concept may lead to preferentialtreatment for a woman employee or discriminatory, exclusionary actions against the group orindividual from that group.At the work places Women employees are still under rated at different levels in thecorporate organizations of different industries. According to the different researchers, it isassumed that, this happens because women are leaving organizations at higher rates thancompared to men (Abdullah Ismail and Nachum 2016). Some other researchers suggest thatthis happens due to the difficulties faced by the women employees in balancing family andwork.Main factors impacting the attitudeThere are mainly three factors that influences and leads to the gender bias andsegregation between the employees depending on the gender. These three principle factorsprompt sexual orientation isolation in access to monetary open doors among business people,and wage specialists: sexual orientation contrasts in time utilization (essentially coming aboutfrom contrasts in performing duties timely), sexual orientation contrasts in access to gainfulsources of info (especially in case of making important decisions related to credit), and sexualorientation contrasts originating from advertise and institutional disappointments at theworkplace (Pfau-Effinger 2017). Since the elements causing isolation are regular crosswiseover parts of financial action, therefore it can incorporate the examination of theentrepreneurial, and wage segments inside a typical structure.Results of negative attitude towards womanThe negative and underestimating attitude towards the woman at the adverselyimpacts the desired output of a particular organization, thus leading to the organizations not
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