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Assignment Digital Marketing Plan for Game Truck

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Assignment Digital Marketing Plan for Game Truck_1
Digital Marketing Plan for Game Truck2AbstractMarketing term, we all know is associated with the tasks and activities undertaken by businessorganizations to create awareness targeting consumers to generate sales. The advent of InternetTechnology in the late twentieth century broadened the concept of Marketing and gradually led to thecreation of another term called “Digital Marketing”. The term digital used in the new marketing conceptis associated with all the internet technology starting from web page to various social media presence oforganizations to boost their marketing prospect. In this essay we will look into the concept of DigitalMarketing and analyze its importance in line with the contemporary business environment in the erapopularly known as digital age where every business activities heavily rely on Digital Technology. Tounderstand the concepts of Digital Marketing further we shall take a firm with a web and social mediapresence and analyze its digital marketing plan to recommend changes for better.IntroductionDigital marketing involves promoting the products, services and brands of an organization using variousforms of electronic media to undertake marketing campaigns. The scope of digital marketing providesbusiness organizations to initiate, analyze, monitor, control, and make required changes to boost sales andprofit. Digital marketing in contemporary business world has a major influence on consumers as itenables consumers to engage themselves in exploring various information and feedbacks about acompany’s products and services and compare them with that of competitor’s before deciding onpurchase. Digital marketing activities involves personified web design, social media presence in the formof official Face book page, twitter handle and other trending portals such as Instagram and snap chats.The effectiveness of digital marketing lies in how the marketing process using several media is integratedto align with the marketing objectives of the organization to carry out marketing related activities for theorganization.
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Digital Marketing Plan for Game Truck3Game truckGame Truck, a mobile play station developed by Scot Novis is the world’s first movable console gamestheater that can be taken to consumer’s compound. Especially designed for children’s party where theparents can host game party for their children’s birthday, weekend or holiday celebrations. The concept ofgame truck is a big hit in United States and Game Truck has now accepted franchise model for its furtherbusiness expansion within and outside United States. Game truck’s features come with patented rightsthat serve as major deterrence for other organizations to copy its model which greatly reducescompetitor’s power and ability to compete. Game Truck’s two hour subscription for consumers isavailable at $299 and additional subscription comes at discount to encourage consumers to play more.The franchise model is available to franchisee at the rate that ranges from $19500 to $89500. Game truckpromises entertainment for children along with parents’ involvement where the parents control what theirchild would play. It also encourages outdoor activities along with learning experiences that inculcateinterests in computer programming, graphics, and mathematics via its exceptional games[ CITATIONPDF15 \l 1033 ].Digital marketingGame Truck itself is a business heavily based on technological aspects and its initial period ofdevelopment was blessed by technological innovation and hence it comes as no surprise that theorganization invests heavily on utilizing internet technology for its marketing purpose. The company haspresence in almost every media including twitter, face book and instagram along with personified webpresence to attract and target consumers. The tagging system along with high integration features presentsthe organization with multiple advantages to assert its domination in the movable console gaming section.The company has very well understood the game maniac’s use of various social media sites to verifyabout its projected entertaining features as well as features like outdoor and indoor integration, parent’scontrol, and learning aspects to ensure presence in popular social media sites. However, the company’sdigital marketing endeavor rests heavily on its official website that serves as the major source for
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