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Measures to protect oil spill and wetlands in USA and Liability waiver agreement in two companies

Added on -2019-09-18

This article discusses the measures taken by the US administration to protect oil spill and wetlands in USA. It also talks about the liability waiver agreement in two companies, U.S Gold Gymnastics and Cheer Academy Inc. and USA Wrestling.
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Law Assignment2Measures to protect oil spill in USAThe two measures taken to control oil spill taken by the US administration are as followsSPCC programIt is known as the spill prevention, control and countermeasure program that comes under theambit of Environment protection agency which is governed by the federal body of USA. Thisprogram promotes safety and countermeasures to prevent oil spills on the assumption that thecost of cleaning and the underlying hazardous effects due to oil spills are much more than thecost of oil lost due to spills. The program ensures that every oil facilities beyond a certaincapacity ensure that their facilities are well equipped to prevent and handle oil spills[ CITATIONEPA10 \l 1033 ].Thick Hulled tanks to transport oil through railsThis is a safety measurement to ensure that the tanks are thick hulled to transport oils throughrailways. The measure ensures that rail would continue to be one of the prime means of oiltransport in USA because of its cost effectiveness.Measures to protect wet landsThe measures undertaken by USA to protect wetlands are as follows.Protection of Wetlands actThe protection of wet lands act under Environment protection agency on 24th of May 1977 isdesigned to protect wetlands in USA from degradation and manipulation of wetlands by agenciesfor construction purposes. Under this act the agencies are compelled to take measures asmentioned in the act[ CITATION EPA16 \l 1033 ].
Law Assignment3Monetary FundingMonetary funding in the form of subsidy and tax break schemes for agencies involved in wetland conservation is to ensure that wet land conservation are assisted by state and federalagencies.Liability waiver agreementLiability waiver agreement is an agreement that is contained in the general agreement paperwhich the consumers have to sign before they subscribe to the product and services provided bythe company. Liability waiver agreement once signed bars the consumers from suing thecompany of any liability due to loss of property, life or health sustained after using the productand services by the company.This liability waiver agreement is mostly seen in gym and recreation sports company across U.Kto thwart any unforeseeable risk of being liable for loss of property, life or health to consumersafter they have sustained any while using the product and services of the company.Below are the two companies that attempts to waive liability by documenting an agreement to besigned by consumers before they use the products and services of the company.U.S Gold Gymnastics and Cheer Academy Inc.Following is the screen shot of their liability waiver agreement that has to be signed byconsumers

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