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Protecting Personal Information and the Existing Dilemma

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Added on  2019-09-23

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This article discusses the importance of protecting personal information and the ethical dilemma that comes with it. It evaluates the Apple vs FBI controversy to analyze the subject and the underlying ethical dilemma.
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Running Header: Protecting Personal Information and the Existing Dilemma1Protecting Personal Information and the Existing DilemmaNameSchool
Protecting Personal Information and the Existing Dilemma_1
Protecting Personal Information and the Existing Dilemma2Protecting Personal InformationPersonal Information is sensitive information that needs to be protected by individuals for whom theinformation is crucial so that they are protected from unwanted access to others. A set of information issensitive to individuals, business entities, or any federal agencies if unwanted access by means of theft,bugging, and other means affects the victim’s purpose of storing or retaining the information. Consideryourself as an entrepreneur of a business organization to understand the importance of protectingpersonal information. Business information such as clients’ contact, employee database, stakeholdersinformation, marketing research information, strategic information etc are crucial to your business andmust be closely guarded against rival intruders so as to keep your business moving in the right direction.For federal agencies information are more sensitive as they remain in the radar of their counterpartsand any theft may endanger security of the entire nation. In this world of digital age where more than90 percent of the world’s total databases are maintained digitally, security related concerns are ofutmost importance to business entities, federal agencies, and also to individuals. We hear the commonterm such as algorithm, encryption, data mining etc on a daily basis and we know that these are securityrelated terms that comes into play when protecting our information from attackers. However, ourconcern in this work is not how they are protected and all the technicalities involved but to weigh theexisting dilemma regarding personal information protection and the ethical issues that come with. Let usevaluate the Apple vs FBI controversy to analyze the subject and the underlying ethicaldilemma[ CITATION FTC161 \l 1033 ].Apple vs FBI controversyIt all started with San Bernardino, December 15 attack by Syed Rizwan Farook, who is allegedlyassociated with the terrorist organization ISIS and FBI claimed that the attackers were inspired by ISIS’ssubversive activities in USA. Syed Rizwan’s I-phone 5C was discovered later and the phone comes with
Protecting Personal Information and the Existing Dilemma_2

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