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Essay | Frameworks of Agile Software Development

Added on - 18 Sep 2019

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RESEARCH[Document subtitle]
ESSAY1Do agile development frameworks provide the necessary tools to developlarge, complex enterprise systems made up of multiple views, cultures, andcompeting requirements?IntroductionThe agile software development demonstrates a set of various principles for the purpose ofdevelopment of software in which the solutions and the requirements will evolve around theefforts of a collaboration of the teams of an organization. Further, it exponents the planning,development through evolution, constant improvement, delivery and also enhances the flexibleand rapid change to response. Furthermore, the organizations which implement the agilesoftware are able to provide more satisfaction to the customers than before, the communicationwithin the organization gets improved, etc. Moreover, the essay will help in understanding thatthe frameworks of agile software development offer the required tools and techniques in order todevelop and create large, complicated systems of the organizations are made up of various views,competing necessities and the cultures with ease.Further, the example of an organization i.e. West Health Local Safeguarding Children Boardwill be taken in order to use the agile software as the organization is facing various problemswhile performing activities and the operations for the welfare of children. Furthermore, the toolswhich are available within the framework will be discussed and how it allows the developer inorder to prioritize the necessities. Then, the application and the evaluation of the selected toolwill be discussed and how it supports the developer in order to manage effort and time. Also, theissues in relation to the effect of culture on failure and success of the software development
ESSAY2system will be discussed. Then, the evidence of distinct personal values along with the problemsof trust will be discussed.Discussion:Appropriate software development frameworkThe example of West Health Local Safeguarding Children Board has been taken and it is beingobserved that the DSDM (the method of dynamic system development) and XP (extremeprogramming) are the most appropriate framework for software development as the organizationwants to enable the online self-assessment, enables monitoring of all the activities withappropriate communication, enables the data sharing among the other LSCBs along with thesecured data, etc. Further, the DSDM and XP are the most suitable one for the organization andcan be implemented with ease in order to carry out the activities adequately for the welfare ofchildren. Moreover, the DSDM is the agile framework of delivery of a project, and it is mainlyused as a method of software development. It is defined as the framework that integrates much ofthe knowledge about the management of the project. The DSDM framework is being used inorder to solve the complicated problems with ease (Cohen, D., Lindvall, M. and Costa, P., 2003).Also, the framework of DSDM can be used for the traditional and agile processes ofdevelopment. Furthermore, the implementation of DSDM framework is extendible, simple andmost importantly it is based on the best principles of the software development process. Further,if West Health Local Safeguarding Children Board will use the framework of DSDM as the agilesoftware development framework, then the organization will be able to identify the issues in the
ESSAY3activities at the initial stage only without occurring any loss. The functionality will be deliveredat the constant intervals; the bureaucracy will be eradicated, and the organization will be able todraw data from the systems which are the existing ones.West Health Local Safeguarding Children Board should also implement the framework ofextreme programming as this framework will also be suitable for the organization to issues theirexisting problems. This framework mainly helps in improving the level of communication withinthe organization and makes the process of operations faster. Further, the XP focuses on theresponsiveness and the quality in order to fulfill the changed requirements of the customers. Theorganization should implement the framework of DBMS along with the XP as this is the greatcombination of agile software development tools and further, the organization will be able toresolve all the issues and will be able to communicate effectively with other LSCBs. Moreover,the organization is facing the issue of storing the data and also securing it from misuse. So, boththese framework of agile software development will help the organization to perform variousactivities and operations for children effectively and efficiently so that they can lead a safe andhealthy life (Greer, D. and Hamon, Y., 2011). Therefore, the XP sets the minimum change costby offering basic principles, values, and practices. The implementation of XP framework makesthe system flexible which will be advantageous for the organization.Available tools within the frameworkThere are various tools which are available within the framework of DSDM. Firstly, time-boxinghelps the organization to achieve the desired goal within a time period of two-six weeks. Further,the tool will help the organization to keep track of all the operations and the activities which willhelp in storing the data. Also, with the help of this tool the activity can be changed during the
ESSAY4iteration of time box which will further enable the quick response to the needs of theorganization. The DSDM framework of agile software development uses functionality whiledelivering the products and services on time. Moreover, the second tool within the framework ofDSDM is MoSCoW rules as it helps in completing the desired operation on time and within thebudget without any wastage of the resource and the cost. Further, it is being observed that therequirements of the users get changed during the time of procedure according to the demand ofthe situation, this tool will help the user to make the changes in-between the processes. The usersbecome aware of the possibilities of technicality and the changes in the environment i.e. bothinternal and the external environment.Moreover, there are various tools within the framework of XP as well. Firstly, coding as thecoding helps in keeping the information and the data secured from the misuse and further, everyemployee will not be able to decode the information. Also, the coding will be used in order toidentify the most suitable and the desired solutions for the problem. Furthermore, theorganization will be able to determine various solutions by using the coding tool of XPframework. Also, the coding tool helps in making the process of communication easy, and theprograms can easily demonstrate the strategies in order to achieve the desired goal. The next toolis testing as this helps in understanding the uncertainties of the operations and the activitieswhich are to be conducted. Then, the next tool is listening as the programmer has to knowexactly what the customer wants. Similarly, West Health Local Safeguarding Children Boardwill ensure that what are the requirements of children and how the data can be secured by havingthe effective communication with the other LSCBs. Further, the last tool of XP is designing. It isbeing observed that it is very important that the system must run with simplicity and the
ESSAY5designing tool makes it possible and also makes the enough storage of data without damaging theinformation (Cockburn, A. and Highsmith, J., 2001).Therefore, if West Health Local Safeguarding Children Board will implement both theframework of agile software development the organization will be able to record and monitor allthe identified actions from the audit. Further, the evaluation of LSCB will be recorded. Also, theorganization will be able to keep the record of the desired information of the organization andwill be able to provide the report of ad hoc to the shareholders and the senior management team.Enables developer to prioritize the requirementsIt is being observed that by using the DSDM and the XP framework of agile softwaredevelopment, the developers will be able to prioritize the requirements adequately. If we take theexample of West Health Local Safeguarding Children Board, the developers will be able toanalyze and prioritize the needs in order to run the operations smoothly for the better future ofchildren. After installing both the frameworks, the developers will initiate the process of codingby assigning a label to each and every segment of the text. Furthermore, this will help thedeveloper to re-arrange the data in better and understanding manner. Then, the analysis of thecontent is being performed and is further categorized according to the factors which will help thedeveloper to prioritize the requirements. Further, the conceptual architecture will be made on thebasis of three aspects i.e. process, environment, and the product. Firstly, the aspect ofenvironment will rely on the attributes of the shareholders, requirements and the constraints ofthe project along with its nature. However, it is important to identify the project constraints likescheduling, risk, cost, etc. in order to prioritize the necessities in agile. Secondly, the process will
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