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Observation of Entrepreneurs in Community and Importance of Entrepreneurship in Hospitality Management

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Added on  2020-09-23

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Entrepreneurship is observed as a quality of being motivated, determined, passionate, wise, creative, innovative and risk taker. The importance of entrepreneurship in hospitality management is discussed for students aspiring to become entrepreneurs. The author dreams of having a shopping mall or supermarket with affordable prices in their community.

Observation of Entrepreneurs in Community and Importance of Entrepreneurship in Hospitality Management

   Added on 2020-09-23

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ESSAY. Answer the following questions in paragraph form.1.Observe the entrepreneurs in your community. Tell your own definition of an entrepreneur based on your observation. Based on my observation in my community, Entrepreneur are those persons who are really motivated, determined and passionate for not giving up and completely dedicated in making their business work no matter how hard the process. Nowadays, there are a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs who do not have passion for their businesses. They just like the idea of success. Also entrepreneurs are wise, creative, innovative and risk takers. I know a lot of business owners here in our community and I am amazed on how they presented their businesses to the people and how successful are they now. Some of successful businesses in our community are supermarket, shopping mall, piggery, restaurant and etc.2.Do you like to become an entrepreneur someday? Why? Like every person, I dream to be a successful entrepreneur someday. Every day I like to take some time aside from my responsibilities to think about my dreams and all the goals I want to achieve. My dream is to become a successful entrepreneur. Business is something that has always intrigued me. Only having a dream won’t help, I also need to work towards the achievement of my dream. As doing business is not as easy as it seems, first I need to understand the basics of what business actually is. This will the first step towards my dream. So Ihave enrolled myself in a reputed college to do my Bachelors in Hospitality Management that helps me to more understand customers, having my own restaurant someday or maybe a resort or a hotel. By then I will have gained some knowledge on business and its functioning which will help me reach my dream. This will take me closer to my dream of becoming a successful businessman. I have also started reading magazines about successful businessmen and their success stories in order to gain some idea that will help me in the long. I will put the best of my efforts and work hard towards achieving my dream.3.Why do you think entrepreneurship is important in your course? Share your answers to your classmates. Entrepreneurship education does not just benefit those entering the fields of science,technology, and business but also us in hospitality management field. The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, and transportation. It includes hotels, restaurants and bars. Entrepreneurship will help us on developing real-world skills that will help to lead exceptional lives in a rapidly changing world. Some of us students of hospitality management dreams to have our own restaurant, bar or hotel, we can used what we have learned in entrepreneurship about running a business and its functioning which will help us reach our dreams and achieve success.4.If you were to become an entrepreneur, what product/business would you establish? Why? If I were become an entrepreneur someday, I want to have my own shopping mall orsupermarket with affordable prices in our community. There is only one shopping mall in our community and they sell only limited products and also expensive ones. People in our community including us still have to go the other town just to buy our necessities . But there are
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