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Essay on the Application of Restorative Justice in the Australia

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Added on  2020-02-19

Essay on the Application of Restorative Justice in the Australia

   Added on 2020-02-19

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Running Head: Restorative justice: strengths and critiquesRestorative justice: strengths and critiques
Essay on the Application of Restorative Justice in the Australia_1
2Restorative justice: strengths and critiquesAbstractThe main aim of this essay is to provide depth understanding about strength and weakness of Restorative Justice in the Australia. This essay evaluates the application of Restorative Justice in the Australia. In this, justice philosophy shows that harm is initiated by the illegal acts. Further, it identifies that Restorative justice is significant for Australian communities, minor age criminals, and victims. This justice provides the opportunities to victims and criminal to interact with each other. It forces criminal to regret towards the harmful activity which is done by them. Together with, it makes compromise between the criminal and victim. It is supportive to start their daily lives with calmness. Additionally, it discusses certain issues which are faced by the Restorative justice team to deliver justice. This essay explains the reason behind the negative attitude of community, victims, and criminals regarding the justice system. It also demonstrates some significant components that may affect the Restorative justice system. These components includes expensive ensuing pilot activities, cash inflows and outflows issues, rights of the safe guard, and suitability and significance in cultural and ethnic groups.
Essay on the Application of Restorative Justice in the Australia_2
3Restorative justice: strengths and critiquesIntroductionRestorative justice is significant to create a mutual understanding between the criminal and victims. This essay presents the concept related to Restorative Justice in context of Australia. It also discusses the strength and critics of Restorative Justice in Australia. Restorative justice: strengths and critiquesRestorative justice is the philosophy of justice, which demonstrates the injury begun by illegal performance. It is a legislative and court allotted structure where the illegal justice system concentrates on integrating criminals. It is performed by making a settlement betweencriminal, victims and the community. Additionally, it can also be stated that the Restorativejustice direct to alteration in the behaviour of individuals and groups (Bruce, 2013). As per the evaluation of Restorative justice system, it is addressed that criminal court is emphasized on the victim rather than criminal consequently court is enabled to reduce the level of crime due to less strict penalties. It is argued that the uses of Restorative justice are beneficial within the Australian country forcriminal as well as community and victims. Restorative justice is significant for the community due to decline recidivism, enhance security, cost efficiency, and robust group. The Restorative justice is supportive to decline the recurrence crimes which are beneficial forcommunity and victims. Moreover, it is examined that when Australian communities forgive to their offender for their illegal behaviour then the probability of occurring these activity would be declined (Camilleri, et al., 2013). Moreover, an individual who is criminal have the opportunity to perform appropriately by describing the whole process of incidents wherein experts are able to lead the criminal to make offense free life. At the same time, the low replication of illegal behaviour makes the harmless community, which would be effective for communities to stay stress free lives. The
Essay on the Application of Restorative Justice in the Australia_3

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