Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics in Asda


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The essence of ethics comprises of those moral judgements that are decided and framedby organizations taking into consideration of the right and the wrong acts (Burnes and By, 2012).The full weight of any corporate decisions can only be ascertained when it has taken into accountcorporate social responsibility and business ethics. Asda is a British supermarket retailer whichproves a range of products such as grocery, general merchandise and financial services. Thepresent essay is on Asda and describes the application of theory of ‘Operating Ethically’. Asda takes substantial efforts to operate ethically. The organization has developed ethicalpolicy for the suppliers. The aim of the policy is to ensure that direct as well as domesticsuppliers of the company follow the set of internationally acceptable conditions of employmentwhich manufacturing products (Eckerd and Hill, 2012). The organization ensure that the policywill be strictly followed to make the operations ethical, achievable and in accordance withnational laws and regulations of the country.Considering the aspect of sustainability, the chosen retailer asserts that their focus onsustainability has been efficient at reducing the environmental impact. A world class supplierbase has been made by the organization with the help of Asda’s Sustain & Save Exchange. Thisis an online tools developed by the retailer and obtains support through live events (Ferdous andAziz, 2014). Through this, the suppliers are enabled to share ideas and information about thebest practices that can be adopted. Currently, 1250 suppliers are registered on Asda Sustain &Save Exchange. Asda works with customers as well as local communities so that people maybecome more sustainable at their home. ‘Waste walk- throughs’ is another initiative that is taken by asda with regards tooperating ethically. In this, every point in the supply chain is visited to get a better understandingof the ways in which waste is created. On the basis of it, changes are made regularly to saveproduct and packaging material (Sustainability at Asda, 2017). Asda also worked towards the community welfare by focusing on main areas such asproviding better prospects for young people, improved health and well-being for people andgreener life. Each of Asda’s stores has a community champion who works with charities as wellas community groups for providing support. Further, colleague and in- store fundraising has beenundertaken by the retailer for supporting local causes (Leat and Revoredo-Giha, 2013). 1
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