Essay on TEDxToronto- Don Tapscott

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Running head: ESSAY ASSIGNMENTEssay on TEDxToronto - Don TapscottStudent NameUniversity nameAuthor Note
ESSAY ASSIGNMENTIn the video author and business executive Don Tapscott explains many ideas related tothe education and learning system that has been existed globally (YouTube). However in hisdiscussion he mainly focused on transformation that the learning system has been experiencingdue to emergence of digital era. He proposed certain learning models that could be implementedto change the education system more effective for the students.Technology has always been part of the transformation in the changes in variousprofessions. However Model of learning has not changed for centuries and it has been found thatthe institutes of education are hard to change. Don Tapscott believes that a new force is morelikely to change the static situation and the force is the people who belong to the era of digitalrevolution. He identifies them as digital natives. The people of this generation know all thesophisticated technologies He has written a book named Growing up Digital that explains hisideas on this. The Baby boomers spent most of their time in televisions, but millennial are usingmore than one technological device simultaneously for their homework, learning andentertainment. The students are no more the passive recipients, they actively participate inthinking, collaborating, researching and learning. The students do not find the relevancy ofreading a physical book. He gave example of Joe O’Shea who without reading any physical bookmanaged to get a scholarship and master of philosophy degree from Oxford (YouTube). WhatTapscott means is that students of this generation do not need to be locked into the educationalinstitutions to acquire knowledge.Model of Pedagogy is outdated and for communicating with the students of thisgeneration the model has to be reinvented and remodeled in order to make the universities moresuitable for this century. As a child of the digital revolution we experience the activeparticipation more than our previous generation of students. Internet has become a part of daily
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