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Running head: CRIMINAL JUSTICECRIMINAL JUSTICEName of the studentName of the universityAuthor note
1CRIMINAL JUSTICEThis essay deals about the global issues regarding crime and investigation, various forensicand analytical techniques that are applicable, roles of the victim, media & finances withinforensic investigations and the issues of diversity as they may relate to forensic investigations.There are several circumstances where the uses of various forensic and analytical techniques areapplicable. Forensic analyses generally consists of separate components that might he engaged inany of the cases (Robertson2012).The recognition calls for the qualitative determinations of the identities of any substances,based on the measurement of its chemical and physical property. Results of such recognitionsalone do not generally shed much new focus on a particular case; though, there have been caseswhere the identification of a substance completes the forensic investigations (Al Mutawa,Baggili and Marrington 2012).The dynamics such as the roles of thevictim, media and financeswithin forensicinvestigations are s followsOne of the noteworthy rights of avictimin a criminal investigation isto have the right of being heard (Audi Alteram Partem) at the time of the proceedings ofsignificant criminal justice, which affects his interest. This kind of participation is the basicmethod by which the victim plays apositive rolein the process of criminal justice.The role of victim in criminal prosecutions has been essential, as it is fundamental for anysuccessful prosecution. Moreover, the cooperation of victims in the prosecution and investigationprocess often results in exercise of the prosecutor’s discretion in favor of criminal prosecution.Furthermore, the inclusion of the victims in the investigation process which leads to exercise ofprosecutor’s discretion in the criminal process which permits the prosecutors to use the resourcesand information in an appropriate manner (Ludwig, Fraser and Williams 2012).
2CRIMINAL JUSTICEDue to the exercise of the discretion by the prosecutor, the prosecutor often relies on crimevictims and since the prosecutors represent the government, they are often encouraged toconsider the interests of the victims as well. Further, in all kinds of cases, from the most seriousto the less serious cases, the cooperation from public is always relied upon.Mediahas always been considered as the watchdogs of the societies. The media serves to bethe main source of information regarding crimes to the public. Due to social alienation, there hasbeen an increased reliance on the media for news and updates. Media has played a major part inreshaping and modifying the opinion of the public, and eventually the Policy of criminal justice.Media, like other several advancements in communication technology, has certainadvantages and drawbacks as well.The advantages of media in an investigating process are essential as it assists theinvestigating officer to investigate any crime scenes through CCTV footage, Facebook, Youtube,etc. Further, the social media ‘broadcasting’ of the criminal trials has added an additional degreeof transparency to the criminal proceedings(Mackin 2013).. The drawbacks associated with the involvement of media in investigation process are that itposes risks for several users, especially, young people. Various forms of crime such as revengeporn which is entitled to harsher punishment is often displayed exaggeratedly by the mediawhich might have an adverse impact upon the teenagers and the youth. The ways that are beingadopted by the criminals in the contemporary period are portrayed through media, alerting thecriminals to use different ways and diverting the youth towards the wrong path(Pedneault et al.2012).In regards to the financing of investigations, this area has always drawn little criminologicaland academic study. However, both human and financial resources play a significant role in the
3CRIMINAL JUSTICEinvestigating-process. Some of the investigations include bankrupting of certain police forces.Due to lack of financial resources, often investigation process is hindered. Further, often delay inproviding financial resources leads to delay in investigating process. Consequently, the materialevidences are tampered with or are lost, leading to significant hindrance to the investigatingprocess. Some of the crime requires use of advanced technologies to identify the accused.However, lack of financial or delay in providing financial resources often results in non-use ofadvanced technologies or delay in transferring the evidences for examination.There are several uses ofcovert and sensitive techniques within investigations. The covertor furtive investigations of crime has been a field in which several interest and principle finditself placed in vigorous, and rarely weighed down, interactions. Conventional approach ofpolicing and traditional method of investigation of crime has now been a component of a broaderenforcement portfolio, which exist along with an increase in investigative potential that hasarisen from development in technological field and the broadly held views that the new centuryhas been facing new types of terrorization or threat that is required to be addressed in newerways (Stelfox 2013).There areseveral issues of diversityas they may relate to forensic investigations.Computerized database have been advanced in the field of Forensic Sciences for providingintelligence for the investigators. For instance, AFIS that is theAutomated FingerprintIdentification System and DNA databaseproficiently helps the identification of the potentialsuspect, or specifically for the DNA, linked crime scene (Newburn, Williamson and Wright2012).Investigating officers must assess the victims, combined with the other variables ofinvestigation, which permit the officers to make a decision on which of the cases to be
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