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Essay of Critical Factors of Management & Ledership

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Added on  2020-02-12

Essay of Critical Factors of Management & Ledership

   Added on 2020-02-12

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Essay of Critical Factors of Management & Ledership_1
Management and leadership are the most critical factor which define the success of theorganization. Uncertainty is the nature of management, as there has been a huge gap we can feelin the managers work previously or now. Organization hits with the need to expand their currentstructure and it is expected from the managers and leaders that they fulfil the responsibility ofaligning the environmental changes with the organization behaviour so that organization will getbenefit out of it. The competition is increasing at a rapid pace and leaders encounters the need ofchange in their traditional way of decision making. More productivity is on the primary list ofthe managers and they want to act immediately for increase the efficiency and effectiveness ofthe organization. Previously mangers were work in a predetermined structure but according topresent scenario the uncertainty is become the nature of the business and managers wants to beever-ready to respond to the environmental changes and fulfil the organizational requirementimmediately.(Beitsch, Yeager & Moran, 2015)Flexible leadership became a necessity for developing new vision and generate newconcept so that leaders will be able to mobilize the organization and bring it to the level whereorganizational vision is possible to achieve. As all the organizations exist in the environment andthey have to perform their activities in the environment. The environment provides theorganization all the resources so they can transforms it into the final outcome, but the vulnerableand flexible nature of environment with decreasing the amount of resources it makes difficult fororganization to fulfil the organization requirements. Therefore in order to survive theorganization managers have to pay attention to the environment and need to align their activitieswith the ever changing environment conditions.(Vassallo, 2014) Leaders and managers are play a vital role in the success of the organization andconsiders as primary driver of success as they set the organizational plan, define route, build theculture , design the architecture, implement plans, monitor process, manage resources, developwork force and so on. With the time changes the nature of organizational environment in terms
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of both internal and external also changes, here mangers are shaping up the every aspect of theorganizational life in the accelerating pace of change and increasing complexity within theenvironment around the organization.(Paul, and 2016) Managers requires the variousperformance imperatives to build balance in organization by controlling the environmentalchanges. External environment is made up various factors such as political, economical, socio-cultural, legan and technological variables which are beyond the organization control. AS otherhand internal environment is within the control of the organization which also consist variousfactors such as financial resources, human resources, technology, process, strategies andstructures which influence the activities of the organizations. The performance imperative ofmangers requires to maintain balance between both internal and external environment oforganization, as external factors are uncontrollable in nature so managers tries to build astructure so they can match their operations and activities to the external environment in order tosurvive and succeed in the adverse and unpredictable environment.(Burke, 2015)Organizations are complex system with high degree of uncertainty, this is why it isdifficult to them to adopt change immediately because a slight change can generate ampleamount of complex situations. In the present scenario there has been so many cases wheremanagers and leaders fills that something is not right within the organization and extra effortrequired to survive. Managers have the understanding that the event of crisis brings opportunityalso and organization have to perform by leaving their comfort zone. For an effective andefficient manager the time of crisis bring a chance to build the agenda for change and alsomangers also took the responsibility in a way so the whole organization will be delighted withthe radical improvements. Prudent management is an important tool for overall effectiveness byexpanding the amount of the resources and make optimum use of them. This brings the realchallenge to managers as they are the one who have responsibility to figure out a systematicmethod to accomplish this and find the answer of the questions such as ''where to start?'', ''what ismore important'', and ''how to assess the management and operations of the organization''.Managers have to leverage various subsystem to leverage the organization even after theenvironmental changes some of them are strategy, performance, planning, human resource andinformation technology. (Reddy & Manohar, 2014)Mangers are concerns with the developing the strategies which will resulted benefits tothe organizations. Many mangers feels that it is difficulty to fix the sudden occurred problems
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