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Essay On Ethical Production Of Clothing

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Added on  2020-02-23

Essay On Ethical Production Of Clothing

   Added on 2020-02-23

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Running head: NURSING ASSIGNMENT Nursing AssignmentName of the student:Name of the university:Authors note:
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1NURSING ASSIGNMENT This essay demonstrates the ethical production of clothing in relation to the collapse of abuilding collapse of a Rana Plaza factory in the year 2013.It demonstrates a critical explanationabout how the common good is challenged or negated by this issue locally or globally. It alsoexplains a few ways to address these challenges in relation with the Common Good and itsrelationship to other CST principles. The garment industry has been recognized as one of the biggest and the largest exportindustries. The workers employed here are paid minimum wages and contracts that are flexibleand are stopped without giving them any prior notice. The workers working in a textile andgarment factories are not given proper facilities and resources. They do not have power in theirhand and feel isolated most of the times (Chowdhury et al., 2014). A lot of developing countriessuch as India and Thailand, the workers are often employed to work in unregulated conditions.They have a pressure to cut the cost of production and labor to improve their profit margins.There are workers who manufacture garments from their home to provide it to customers andlocal markets. These workers feel isolated and experience invisibility. In Bangladesh, thegarment industry is one of the most important bread- earner for the country (Foo, & Lim, 2016).A large number of workers in the country are women and they manufacture garments fromhome. They receive very low wages and are also not given any extra monetary benefit ofworking overtime. These workers are also not given any sick leave or paid holidays. Around 80,000 safety hazards were found after inspection in 1106 factories inBangladesh in the year 2014 (Mezzadri & Srivastava,2015).Common good has been negated bythis issue on a local as well as global scale as the workers recieve very low wages and face safetyissues.
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2NURSING ASSIGNMENT There are several principles of Catholic Social teaching such as the dignity of the humanperson, Common good and community, Option for the poor, Rights and responsibilities, andeconomic justice which is the most important principle among all others. Dignity of the humanperson is the most important principles among all the CST principles. The main objective of thisprinciple is to respect the dignity of each and every human being(Moreno-Salamanca, &Melé,2015).Each human being is a creation of God and he has his own rights when they areemployed in a particular organization. They should be provided proper resources and the locationof the factory should be appropriate. The workers in a garment factory should be provided a safeand a proper working environment in order to ensure their rights. The government should makesure that they monitor properly after granting permits for the construction of buildings (Shumi etal.,2015). The companies do not mention their location to prevent checking from the authoritiesthat the clothing is being manufactured in a safe working environment or not. Common good and community refers to the fact that an individual realizes his or herbasic rights and dignity when he is in a relationship with other individuals living in a community.A proper growth and development of an individual occurs in a community. The dignity ofworkers in a garment industry can be protected and realized by his employer when there is bondof understanding and trust between them (Moreno-Salamanca, & Melé,2015).
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