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Essay on Health and Social Care

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The health care organizations have various divisions that take care of health of people having special needs. The philosophy behind extending the care to the people who need by bringing in the appropriate legislation and codes of practice is an appreciable effort of the H&SC services. There are legislations that help the individuals utilizing the health services with the protection from any kind of harm and abuses. The use of person-centred approach ensures that the need of the person needing the help is fulfilled at personal level. Though the philosophy of care is focused towards providing appreciable care, yet there are various ethicaldilemmas that are confronted. Having some experience in this field and with the help of provided training, one is able enough to protect the service users, while utilizing the human development theories which can assist in managing the processes that aid in providing care services to the needed individuals. This paper is concerned with understanding the various aspects of the support principles and values and the way vulnerable people can be protected.1.1 Explanation of how principles of support are applied to ensure that individuals are cared for in health and social care practice has been done in the subsequent paragraphs. The principles refer to the rules and regulations that are defined to help things function effectivelyand efficiently. The principles in the health and service care ensure that the social care is provided with appreciable rate of success. The application of the practice in eliminating the anti-discriminatory practice can be done. The anti-discriminatory practice asserts that the individuals must be treated with respect and none of them is considered as disadvantaged. The achievement of this aspect can be facilitated by the promotion and support of right of the individual (Kanfer and Heggestad, 1997). The individuals who require health care for the extended period start to feel that their dignity and independence has lost. Therefore, through the application of the appropriate code of practices it can be ensured that the individuals are treated in settings that keep their beliefs and self-identities intact. As for example, if an
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individual is Christian, then that individual should be allowed to pay the visit to church. The application of support principle can help ensure that the person is being cared. Moreover, the confidentiality of the person must be considered properly. The reason is that the confidentiality is the key in imparting successful treatment in the H&SC. The confidentialcare service is applied in the health service. It ensures that the information of the individuals is kept private and everyone restricted to access the information (Levant and Shlien, 1984). As per the data protection act 1998, the information of the service users should be protected. Utilizing the effective communication within the health services and promoting this aspect is another important element that helps in supporting the individual get proper health benefits. The communication facilitates the both side interaction among the individuals in the health services. The use of technology can be the important element in effective communication. The technology can also be used in the other form such as the tool of entertainment. The individuals can learn various computer games and can engage themselves in such activity which will be supporting self with playing Skills for care.Moreover, if the individuals receiving the service are given appropriate guidance, then it is likely that they will take risks and increase their ability to take independent choices. Some of the riskier choices can be football plays, running, and other form of physical games. 1.2 Outline of the procedure for protecting clients, patients, and colleagues from harm has been given in paragraphs from here. There are two methods that are considered to provide protection to the individuals receiving the health services. The first method is to protection of the service users from any form of harm. The second method is the safeguarding of the individuals who are vulnerable from any kind of abuse. The purpose of protection in the H&SC is to ensure that the individuals are safe from any form of harms or abuses. Harms refer to the damages or injuries that happen to the individual and the abuses refer to the act
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