Essay on Human Service Work

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Human service work can be seen as an opportunity for social change or ameans of maintaining social orderThere are different issues faced by a person that can be physical, emotional or psychological. Tohandle them the type of perception that individual carry differs. Some may be able to overcomethem and some face problem in doing so (Lee and Hudson, 2017). It requires to have properunderstanding of people so that proper care and support can be delivered. Human service workcan be determined as one aiming to approach the objective to meet requirement of humans withthe help of an interdisciplinary knowledge that is focused on remediation and prevention ofproblems. Apart from this, it also maintains commitment towards improving the overall qualityof life of service population (Perron, Taylor and Margerum-Leys, 2010 ). Further, they promoteimproved service delivery system in which focus is not just made on quality of direct servicesbut also by providing improved accessibility, coordination among professional andaccountability in service delivery. Changes with the society take place with the efforts that are up by a person whoidentified the problem and take up initiative to overcome them. There are different aspects thatare required to be considered by as human work services in which one of the main considerationmade is related with understanding the problems that are faced in the society ( Kadushin andHarkness, 2014). For examples, it consists of Case workers, Youth Worker, Child AbuseWorker, etc. All these work with an aim to provide care and in supporting individuals so thatthey are able to overcome them in effective manner. All these service workers are able to deliverthey care as a team in which society gets to improve their condition and get benefited. This way,it can be stated that human service work is considered to be an opportunity for social changes orto maintain social order. Since past decades, Human services are studied, constantly reviewedand analysed in which it is stated to be separate knowledge body in discipline with social change(Kim, Ji and Kao, 2011). Further, it is the study for all human systems, service technology andsocial innovations that are developed with an aim to make lives of people, community andfamilies. There are many schools in various subjects that teach human services to be highlyeffective in promoting social change and bringing up liberation and empowerment to individuals.There are people who have different perception in which they consider human services to bedisguise to gain social control. Social control is considered to be a part of human service activity1

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