Purpose of Journalism Essay

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Journalism is a type of activity in which an individual gathers, assesses and createsinformation to be presented in the form of a news. It can be said that journalism is the product of allthe above elements. The main purpose of journalisms is to provide information to the public (Whatmakes journalism different than other forms of communication?,2015). It is doneso that public canget aware about what is happening in their country and in the outer world. During my lectures Ifound that Journalism helps to communicate news to the masses. It is completely different form ofcommunication. It is because every communicable message cannot be termed as a news. Journalismis more inclined towards empowering and informing public.In my lecture, I found that journalism in particular is getting influenced by various factors.Among them, the major factors are like rise in technology, policies and regulation of government,ethics, economic andcultural significance that are influencing journalists. I discoveredthrough mycoursework that journalism has evolved from the past 10 years. Earlier news was all aboutbroadcasting information to the public and now it is all about the writing style. I learned that as ajournalist I must be able to advocate the viewpoints stated in the article. Journalist explored variousways of spreading news to the potential users. Let’s say, the rise in use of technology is one of theprominent factor that has affected journalism. I found that this particular factor has influenced it in apositive way. Now news can be spread through mobile, laptops, social media and many more. Therise in the use of internet has helped to target new areas of journalism. I discovered that it is notrestricted to a city or country it has gone to a global level.Another factor that has influenced journalism is the policies and regulation made by thegovernment of the United Kingdom. Broadcasting content regulation act of 1990,have controlledand regulated the content aired by radio and TV channels. They have a strict code of conduct whichare mandatory to be regulated by the news channels. For example, no news or program that offendsgeneral public must be aired. Apart from this I found that National Union of Journalist have a set ofprinciples which encourages journalist to adhere with some professionalism. According to the Dataprotection Act of 1998, I observed that although these regulation bounds the right to write freely itis important to control what is written and how it has been written. This is done so as not let any bador poor news create public outrage. I could evaluate from thelectures that ethicsis one of the mostimportant factor that influences journalism. Ethics of journalism generally revolves around“limitation of harm”. For instance as per the current scenario it is significant to withholdinformation of minors and crime victims in the reports. The main agenda of ethics is to regulate thecontent and information provided to the readers (Sahu, 2013). I was able to discover that in UnitedKingdom particularly ethics related to discrimination based on cast, race, sexual orientation, mentaldisability and religion must not be done. The reporters must be accurate and only those events must
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