Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan Essay

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It can be assessed that bride kidnapping is a tradition in kyrgyzstan in which the man islikely to kidnap the women to whom he wants to marry.Kleinbach and Babaiarova (2013) statedthatview of such kidnapping is done in order to get married by abduction and capture and thuspractices a crime in the eyes of law. However, without the consent of women, if she is kidnappedit affects the humanity. Therefore, it is essential for government to regulate such practices andthus crime is overlaps with tradition. It can be evaluated that 11,800 young women werekidnapped every year and it was found that 2000 were assaulted till the year 2014.Mack (2015)saidthat in the Central Asian region i.e. kyrgyzstan half of the women have been stolen orkidnapped and forced to live with their future spouse to whom they don't know. Therefore, it canbe assessed that kyrgyzstan government need to bring effective laws in practice and overcomesuch false tradition. In order to support kyrgyz women, different parties need to be developed sothat such crime can be overcome and provide safety and security to young women and girls.As per theBarry (2016)through evaluating the Kyrgyz law, kidnapping your girlfriendand assaulting her to get married with you is no different from abduction by a stranger in order toget married. It is also a form of forceful marriage without the consent of girl and thus men shouldbe punished for the same (Barry, 2016). Also, Kyrgyz men should be taught and punished by thelaw if they have done any such act so that their belief of tradition can be overcome. However,Nedoluzhko and Agadjanian (2015)argued that kidnapping young girls and forcing them formarriage is a crime and thus it has become the belief of the kyrgyz boys therefore, they grab andrun young women and force them to marry. Hence, it is essential for women right activists needto develop their responsibility and provide freedom to women from being kidnapped. Bridekidnapping is always being a crime and shame for the country and thus it is essential forgovernment to take strict action against such people who conduct such practices in the name oftradition. Because of such action women afraid of going out and thus remain in their homes.Moreover, with few English newspaper in the country, it was difficult to collect the dataon the issue which is discussed above. The major newspapers which are circulated in the countryare Alibi Asaba,, De facto, Erkin Too, Fabula, etc. However, in order to make this reportnewspaper like Bishkek Observer, Kyrgyzstan Chronicle and The Times of Central Asia hashelped me a lot. Because I do not know the language of their local newspapers and by gettingsome appropriate content from these English papers, this report has been formulated.
McKendry‐Smith and Jenkins (2016) stated that bride kidnapping is another source forkyrgyzstan families to have retirement plan for elder parents. The youngest male of the family istrained by his mother to acquire his spouse which needs to living in their house and serving theirparents at the time of old age. Thus, because of such situation, males of kyrgyzstan kidnapsyoung women and force them to marry. It is very shameful for the country because such a crimeis named as tradition. It is essential for the kyrgyzstan government to implement new legislationin practice and punish the people who violent the law. Until the culprit of kidnapping will not bepunished under the criminal law than consensual marriage will be celebrated and women rightswill be affected in kyrgyzstan. Hence, laws need to be developed and implemented in regard ofimproving such condition so that women can also be given their rights of freedom to live freelyin the society and thus punish such men who conduct crime. Implementing new legislationstrictly in the country will helps in overcoming the kyrgyzstan tradition and belief so that youngbrides would not be kidnapped by men. This practice will let country to grow in coming timeperiod and their popularity will attract more tourist towards it.Furthermore, media suffers from editorial pressure from private owners or the authoritiesbecause they are bounded to not to show the contents like bride kidnapping in that clear waybecause it will depict the popularity of country. Apart from it, the government seeks to restrictaccess to content related to terrorism or deemed to incite ethnic or religious hatred.As perWigginton Jr and et. al., (2014)kyrgyzstan culture, the kidnapped women formarriage is not taken seriously by the local bodies as it is oftenly headed by local councilsheaded by elders and thus they follow customary law away from state legal system. Sometime,such elders are invited into the kidnapped women marriage and encourage the family of the brideto accept this marriage (Wigginton Jr and et. al., 2014).Therefore, it is essential for legal systemto capture such people who force women to marry with them and thus provide punishment sothat such illegal tradition can be overcome. As per criminal act for kidnapping normally 7-10years punishment is given to live behind the bars. Thus, bride kidnapping practice in the countryaffects the women to live in society and dominates the women by men.AsKoishigulova and et. al., (2014),noticed by law and punishment wrestles between theculture and society and does not willing to talk about social stigma that men rules over women.Therefore, the kidnapper of young women need to be punished under the criminal offense andprosecute the whole group to don't follow such tradition and custom that affects another
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