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Essay - Macmillan Cancer Support

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It can be assessed that Macmillan Cancer Support which is one of the largest Britishcharities provides specialist health care facilities to patients suffering from cancer. Apart fromthis, organisation also take care of social, emotional and practical impact that cancer can haveand thus develop awareness by building campaigns for better cancer care (Kamdje and Etet,2013). Macmillan management is developing awareness campaigns regarding blood canceramong patients and identifying different approaches and interventions that are available tosupport individuals with specific type of cancer.APPROACHES AND INTERVENTIONS AVAILABLE TO SUPPORTINDIVIDUALS WITH BLOOD CANCER Human behaviour can be identified as one of the main roles in the maintenance of healthand prevention of disease. Therefore, it is essential for care setting to provide better careopportunities and thus deliver financial support as well to patients in order to safeguard themfrom cancer. Different health practitioners develop different models of behaviour change toguide individual towards the development of strategies and thus foster self-protective action(Bartholdy and, 2014). With the help of such type of risk, it helps in facilitating effectiveadaption to and coping with the blood cancer. Macmillan Cancer Support organisation providesdifferent facilities to people in order to help them from overcoming the disease.Furthermore, World Health Organisation (WHO) emphasises on developing nationalstrategies for preventing and controlling cancer. Following are the intervention and approachessuch as-Primary prevention- It assesses the goal of primary prevention which is to reduce oreliminate exposure to cancer causing factors such as environmental carcinogens and lifestylefactors that is related to nutrition and physical activity. For the blood cancer, prevention involvesimmunisation against or treatment to primary prevention includes immunisation against ortreatment of infectious agents that causes certain cancers (Tenen, 2014). Hence, organisationsuch as Macmillan Cancer Support develops different cancer control programs, aware peopleabout dietary and nutrition necessity, pharmacological intervention. Early detection and secondary prevention- Main aim of early detection or secondaryprevention of cancer is essential through screening programs. It helps in detecting the disease atan early stage at which curative treatment can be provided to patients. However, intervention forthe early detection of cancer can assists in reducing number of death from cancer disease (Cellot1
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and et. al., 2013). Through early detection of cancer, there are various treatments available thathelps in providing the best care services to patients so that they can overcome disease. Diagnosis and treatment- The primary modalities that causes cancer are surgery,chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Thus, all such treatment can be used alone or in combination toemphasise upon the worldwide development of specialised cancer centres and thus; enhance thequality services to achieve satisfaction among patients (Dowling and, 2015). Palliative care- It can be assessed that scope of palliative care needs to be expanded inrecent years in order to encompass the disease and thus provide the best treatment to patients.Moreover, palliative care has been expanded to involve consideration for the patients and thushelps patient in order to improve their care services so that blood cancer can be overcome(Heidel and et. al., 2013). Hence, it is significant for Macmillan Cancer Support organisation to provide the bestcare and support to cancer patients so that they can improve their health and overcome disease.Also, developing different awareness programs helps in learning patients regarding properdietary and nutritional value in order to overcome blood cancer (Yildirim and et. al., 2013). EVALUATING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF INTERVENTIONTECHNIQUESIntervention techniques can be assessed as the methods through which care setting canminimise the patient’s diseases. It is the best method through which quality care and services canbe provided to patients and thus overcome the blood cancer disease. Hence, different methodsassist in identifying the intervention techniques so that patient’s health can be improved.Intervention techniques are the best method through which quality care can be delivered topatients and thus it helps them to protect them at the time of diagnosis of cancer (Winkler, 2012).The intervention techniques are very beneficial that helps in improving the specifictype of cancer so that intervention techniques can assists in improving its effectiveness and thus;helps in strengthening the health of individuals so that set targets can be attained. Furthermore,main strength of intervention techniques is that it assists in identifying or diagnosing the diseasesat an early stage so that proper cure can be given to patients. Also, such technique is useful forpatients in regard to overcome their disease. Following are the benefits and limitations ofproposed intervention techniques such as- 2
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