Essay on Media and Crime

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Running head: MEDIA AND CRIMEMedia and crimeName of the studentName of the universityAuthor note
1MEDIA AND CRIMECrime and media has a relation between them. Media in many cases turns out to bethe cause of crime and sometimes it is just the extreme opposite. It turns out to be the cure ofcrime. It is because of the media that that many crime gets highlighted that happens to occurin some uncommon and remote places. The essay comprises two arguments. The firstargument is that media is the cause of crime and the other argument that stands in contrastwith the previous one is that media is the cure of crime. Generally, media is usually seen toexaggerate the crime. The crime is brought to the notice of the entire world with the help ofthe media. The media is thought to a powerful forum to bring out the crime in front of theentire world. In this way, it acts as a cure and on the other hand, the criminals get ideas fromthe crime series of how to do the crime. They get innovative ideas of committing the crime.This is how media influences the persons to commit the crime and therefore they are knownto be the cause of the crime.The first argument is the fact that media is the cause of crime. In many case theidea prevails that viewing violence in the media turned out to influence the aggressivebehavior of an individual. However, it has been argued by many critics that the relationbetween crime and media turns out to be weak. The other factors such as the environmentalfactors are to be considered in many cases. There are certain key factors that influence theselection of the crime stories. These stories include the dramatization of many crimes in themedia that represents the action and the excitement, which serves as the motivator ofcommitting crimes. The human-interest stories about crimes are another example ofcommitting the crimes. This includes violence and sexual crimes. The fictionalrepresentations of crime are the strong motivator of the crime. The representation of crime indifferent forms of media that is on television, TV and novels are considered as one of theimportant source of crime. In many cases, it has been found that the individuals got inspiredfrom the fictional stories and they committed similar crimes as shown in the television. After
2MEDIA AND CRIMEa long analysis, it can be stated that the media have a huge influence on the portrayal ofcrime. The media gives the opportunity to view the images, films and videos that justifycrimes that include robbery, murders, carjacking and other similar violence. The main reasonfor which media can be held responsible for committing the crime is the change of behaviorsof the individuals. The change is seen not only in the behavior but also in the attitude of theindividuals. The media portrays the crime in order to make the common people aware of thecrimes occurring around the entire world. Many people take this otherwise. A change occursin the behavior of the attitudes of the individuals after viewing the crime series. It results inthe change of the mores of the society (Caterini, 2015).The influence of media has been witnessed more on the children and the adolescents.The impact of violence has been seen on people regardless of their age, gender, class, andethnicity. The problem increases while the aggressor is left unpunished. These are the evilconsequences that the media has on the society. At present the issues that is shown in mediarevolves around the effect of the sexual media and sexual behavior. There are many exampleswhere the people got aroused, their thoughts and emotions got aroused, and there was anincrease in the crimes. There is a huge competition among the different forms of media likethe magazines, television, cinema and other similar forms. They all have the pressure ofgaining attention of the audiences with some interesting news (Fuchs, 2017). The news ofcrime is taken as a form of entertainment to the audiences. There are many such exampleswhere some friends while having conversation with each other talks about what is printed inthe newspaper and what has been shown in the news channel in the television. This gives anotion where the news can be treated only as the means of entertainment. This has worsteffect on somebody and this might not have bad effect on others. Media has the power toinfluence the common mass (Shelby & Hatch, 2014). The media has the power of influencingthe behavior of people. This is best understood with the help of an example. There have been
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