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My Philosophy of EducationEssay
Education in simple words is a process through which knowledge of knowledge is done,instructions are given, experience is shared and skills or habits are taught to others especially atschool and university level(Noddings, 2018). Education is one of the most important part inevery individual's life. If a good education is provided to a person then it can help them todevelop socially, personally as well as economically. It helps an individual to perform theirduties in a better way whether at work place or at hole or with others. It is one of the mostimportant source of development and information which helps a person to acquire knowledge,new required skills etc. I personally feel that education helps a person to analyse any kind ofsituation and take required decisions in life. In my opinion, education is one of the most powerfulway which can help in removing unemployment, corruption as well as can also help in removingall kinds of environmental problems. Education is important especially for students so that theycan become something in life or can peruse their dreams with creativity and required knowledge.In this essay Philosophies of the education will be discussed in brief.Education system in Malaysia is divided into five levels which are preschool education,primary school education, secondary, post-secondary and lastly tertiary education. After tertiaryeducation further public or private education comes into picture(Wain, 2016). All theMalaysians in Malaysia are provided with free six years of primary level of education and fiveyears of secondary level of education where students are taught for free by the government. Afterthe secondary education is completed students give their public common examination for post-secondary education. According to me, it is one of the best thing that is done by the Malaysiangovernment by providing free education for 11 years to each and every student. This alsoinspires other students to peruse their further education after secondary level as it requires goodgrades and proper funding. This also helps the schools and universities to maintain their qualityof education. Due to this Malaysian education system has been ranked as 11thmost populardestination to peruse higher level education especially at tertiary level. Top rankers at all thelevel of education are given the scholarships in order to peruse their further education. Age groupof students at all the level of education are fixed i.e. all the students need to complete theireducation at the particular level within the specified age group. According to the governmentregulations and law primary level of education is compulsory for all the students in kind ofmanner i.e. whether in home schooling manner, private or public schooling manner(Mead,Biesta and Trohler, 2015).
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